Enhanced SilkTest Suite Cuts Testing Costs

New collaborative test automation features drive productivity, reliability, cost savings.

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Micro Focus has released SilkTest 2011, a new suite of application testing software that helps organizations achieve quality, flexibility, and scalability throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

SilkTest increases the quality of mission-critical applications running on any terminal-based host system with its integration with Micro Focus Rumba. In addition, SilkTest increases flexibility by extending its Web 2.0 capabilities with additional support for Silverlight, as well as enhanced support for Adobe Flex and Firefox. Additional features include User Access Compliance to support effective testing in standard user privileges, which makes it easier for users to work with SilkTest and eases admin control of the desktop environment.

New benefits and features of SilkTest include:

  • Complete integration with Rumba, Micro Focus’ terminal emulation product, delivers a unique visual testing approach to 3270 and 5250 applications. SilkTest’s object recognition and synchronization techniques, coupled with its ease of use, contribute to a productive and efficient testing experience.

  • Support for Silverlight and Flex applications for both standalone applications and embedded applications provides a more seamless, holistic and realistic testing experience and shortens the time to market for Web 2.0 applications

  • Cross-browser support for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 5 and 6 enables same test scripts to be used without modification for modern versions of both browsers, greatly reducing the test maintenance effort. One test working across all browsers reduces test cycles and gets products out to market faster than ever.

SilkTest is widely used by companies to replace repetitive manual testing with automated tests that can be run on a regular basis. Its ability to create powerful test automation across a broad range of application technologies helps organizations check software continuously as it changes, ensuring that defects don’t occur and that the applications run reliably. When using additional tools in the Borland solution set from Micro Focus, such as Caliber and SilkCentral Test Manager, customers will find that the time it takes to get an idea off the whiteboard and into the hands of an end user will be greatly reduced.

More information is available at www.microfocus.com/products/silk/silktest/index.aspx.

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