Typemock Isolator 6.2 Includes JetBrains dotCover Integration

New version includes improved IntelliTest productivity tool, provides complete unit testing experience for more developers.

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Typemock, a provider of unit-testing solutions, has launched Isolator 6.2. The new version integrates with two popular .NET tools from JetBrains: dotCover for code coverage analysis and dotTrace Performance for performance profiling. DotCover and dotTrace Performance provide developers full code coverage and identification of performance bottlenecks which ensure a complete and easy unit testing experience. Typemock has also added a risk-free trial feature so developers can continue running any unit tests they write, even after their trial period expires.

Typemock Isolator also includes improved IntelliTest productivity tool that adds test code auto-completion. IntelliTest makes writing unit tests easier and more productive by actually generating the test code, instead of the developer writing it alone. In addition, Typemock Isolator Server includes easier integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

The Isolator tool family enable easy unit testing -- the foundation of agile development -- of any Windows .NET, C/ C++ code (including complex code such as statics, globals and non-public method) by allowing the test to intercept and fake behaviours. Isolator .NET and Isolator ++ API’s are specifically designed to make tests more concise, more resistant to production code changes, and easier to understand for new users. They provide clear guidance and error messages to help with writing unit tests which ensures that time is not wasted re-writing them.

For more information on Isolator .NET, please visit www.typemock.com/isolator-product-page.

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