Advanced Storage Capabilities Added to Virsto Products

Pair of products changes economics of storage for desktop virtualization, test and development, and private clouds.

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Virsto Software, a VM-centric storage hypervisor software maker, has released Virsto for vSphere and Virsto for Hyper-V 2.0, delivering advanced storage capabilities for server virtualization to extend the benefits of virtualization beyond the server, transforming them into storage hypervisors. Virsto for vSphere and Virsto for Virtual Servers, Hyper-V Edition, 2.0 allow users to improve both the efficiency and the performance of physical storage by up to 90 percent, accelerate virtual machine (VM) storage provisioning and management by over 90 percent, and reduce the cost of storage in virtual environments by up to 70 percent.

Just as the hypervisor did for servers, the storage hypervisor improves the utilization of hardware capacity and drives down the costs of application deployment while providing greater business agility. IT organizations and builders of cloud infrastructure benefit enormously from server hypervisors, and are now turning their attention to the last bastion of inefficiency, high cost, and clumsiness, which is storage. These organizations are seeking the benefits of hypervisor for storage.

By removing operational inefficiencies and significantly reducing the capital cost and complexity of storage in virtualized environments, Virsto helps organizations drive the benefits of virtualization throughout the enterprise by changing the economics of storage in virtualization use cases. With Virsto, IT organizations can:

-- Achieve both cost savings and management benefits with desktop virtualization: Compared to physical desktops, desktop virtualization initiatives promise to deliver both cost savings as well as end-point management benefits. Virsto removes the largest impediment to cost-effective VDI by reducing the cost of storage per virtual desktop by up to 70 percent and provides integrated provisioning wizards for VMware View that simplify and accelerate provisioning and patching thousands of high performance, thin-provisioned virtual desktops.

-- Accelerate test and development while delivering higher quality releases:
IT organizations gain the agility to support corporate innovation initiatives by delivering higher quality releases in less time through accelerated test and development cycles. Virsto accelerates virtual machine storage provisioning by over 90 percent and offers the most scalable, high-performance snapshots and writable clones available in the industry. Development teams can now test multiple scenarios simultaneously, on storage-efficient copies of complete production environments, with storage self-service provisioning, which enables higher quality releases to get through testing and development faster

-- Deliver cost-effective, agile storage for private and public clouds:
Virsto helps IT organizations achieve the twin goals of cloud initiatives: enormous capital and operating cost reduction with increased self-service and agility. Virsto enables the automation of storage provisioning and reclamation processes when virtual machines are spun-up and down in a dynamic cloud environment, while removing the inefficient storage management workflows between server and storage functions by enabling storage self-provisioning for server and desktop teams. Virsto helps organizations increase utilization of existing storage by up to 90 percent, while improving VM performance by up to 10x, enabling significant improvements in virtualization density, thereby lowering the overall infrastructure costs.

Virsto for vSphere delivers a non-disruptive all-software solution that installs as a virtual storage appliance (VSA), enabling storage optimization with any existing block-level storage. It seamlessly integrates into existing VM management and provisioning workflows through VMware vCenter and View Manager. It provides native support for vSphere 4.1 and includes integrated rapid provisioning wizards for VMware View 4.5.

Virsto for Virtual Servers Hyper-v Edition 2.0 delivers a non-disruptive, all- software solution that installs in the Hyper-V Parent Partition, enabling storage optimization with any block-level storage. It includes native support for Hyper-V and Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft DPM and VSS for backup and recovery.

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