Plixer Unveils Scrutinizer 9.0 Netflow Analyzer

New features include collecting over 100K flows per second, Citrix NetScaler reports, and enhanced integration with third- party network management tools.

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Plixer International, Inc. has released Scrutinizer 9.0, an enhanced version of its NetFlow analyzer.

Scrutinizer 9.0 helps network administrators easily peer deep into packet traffic flowing over corporate networks to restore/regain valuable bandwidth for priority business applications. Plixer’s Scrutinizer Product Manager, Michael Patterson, underscores Scrutinizer’s value in an era of social media applications and ubiquitous personal smartphone/tablet traffic clogging corporate networks.

“Today’s hand-held smartphones and tablets are capable of producing almost as much network traffic as a typical desktop PC and they are consuming corporate bandwidth at an alarming rate,” stated Patterson. “Exacerbating this problem are employees using applications such as Facebook and Words with Friends that constantly stream data, robbing network bandwidth from business applications such as e-mail and VoIP phone calls. Scrutinizer 9.0 was specifically developed to give network administrators in-depth visibility into exactly what network traffic is being generated by whom and restore the finite network resource to business-related matters.”

Scrutinizer 9.0 is an enterprise-class, flow reporting and analysis tool with new features including:

  • A high-performance Linux appliance that collects over 100K flows per second (over 60M flows/minute)
  • New Cisco Advanced NetFlow reports that provide in-depth network traffic visibility:
    • Smart Logging Telemetry (SLT)
    • Cisco TrustSec (CTS)
    • Performance Routing (PfR)
    • Performance monitoring (Medianet)
  • Advanced Citrix NetScaler reports detailing URLs, applications, and latency

  • Advanced SonicWALL VPN reports identifying VPN names as well as remote and local addresses

  • CrossCheck to provide deeper integration with third-party tools (What’s Up Gold, Orion, SNMPc, Uptime Devices, Nimsoft, etc.)

Scrutinizer 9.0 is currently available; more information can be found at

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