MoreVRP Releases Module for Agile DBMS Analysis, Reporting

Enables high-precision database performance analysis with pinpoint drill-down granularity.

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More IT Resources Ltd. (MORE) has released its new Performance BI module for use with the company’s flagship MoreVRP database performance optimization software solution. Designed with a look and feel akin to popular business intelligence (BI) dashboards, the new Performance BI module for MoreVRP liberates database administrators (DBAs) and application managers from the rigid, pre-defined database analysis and reporting templates common to competing solutions, affording users unprecedented new levels of autonomy and agility.

MORE’s new Performance BI module was developed with input from dozens of highly-experienced DBAs, IT consultants, and BI specialists to provide fast, easy, and intuitive database analysis and reporting capabilities, which users can customize based on the their unique needs and database infrastructure.

The new Performance BI module for MoreVRP provides users with a sophisticated yet highly intuitive database performance analysis tool that allows a full 360-degree view into database infrastructure, with drill-down precision and agility. Complemented with highly-customizable, easy-to-use reporting capabilities, MORE’s Performance BI module enables unprecedented, end-to-end database visibility and analysis for DBAs seeking to maximize application and database performance while streamlining administration and reporting processes.

The new Performance BI module leverages the raw data stored within MoreVRP’s data repository to facilitate multi-dimensional drill-down into database activity spanning time periods from months to single seconds. Users drag and drop configurable analysis “filters” onto the dashboard view to mine, collate, and graph database performance data incrementally across user-defined time parameters. This capability affords DBAs a new level of analytical flexibility and efficiency, helping them assess database performance from every conceivable angle with just a few mouse clicks.

Users can export the data into a wide range of formats including standard CSV and Microsoft Excel, and can convert graphs into JPEG and other image file formats for easy porting to Microsoft Word documents, e-mail messages, and other popular formats. This feature enables DBAs to report, present, and share application and database performance metrics in a manner that can be easily understood at every level of company personnel, from IT managers to the CEO.

MoreVRP handles both historical and real-time performance monitoring, with highly granular comparative analysis capabilities. It can compare data sets and performance metrics from different time periods so DBAs can pinpoint anomalies and bottlenecks and quickly resolve performance degradation issues to ensure peak database performance under even the heaviest workloads. With MoreVRP, DBAs are equipped to monitor and manage hundreds of distributed databases and/or databases consolidated onto leading database appliances from a single, centralized location with minimal effort or complexity, ultimately achieving up to 10X gains in administrative efficiency.

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