IceWarp Integrates Corporate Messaging with Social Media

IceWarp Server Version 10.4 delivers easy migration from Microsoft Exchange, gateway-level anti-spam protection.

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IceWarp, a global messaging and collaborations solutions provider, has released IceWarp Server Version 10.4. The solution fully integrates corporate e-mail applications with popular social media platforms and gives organizations new capabilities to handle extremely heavy e-mail traffic.

The new version’s updated Desktop Client allows users to communicate with their Facebook, Skype, and Gmail contacts from one secure console. In addition to robust a Web client, the solution provides seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, making it a viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

“IceWarp is riding the software consumerization trend, making corporate messaging as reliable and easy to use as popular personal technology,” says Ladislav Goc, IceWarp’s president, “but we are not forgetting the basics: the product’s consecutive versions can consistently handle higher e-mail traffic with more speed and reliability.”

IceWarp Server Version 10.4 new features include:

  • Full Facebook integration makes it possible to chat with Facebook contacts through IceWarp Desktop Client or IceWarp WebClient with full avatar support

  • New IceWarp Desktop Client allows users to synchronize their contacts from their Gmail account

  • The significantly faster Web Client can support thousands of clients without affecting speed or reliability

  • The upgraded Desktop Client allows users to receive Skype e-mail and instant messages, plus manage contacts and calendars in one client

  • Accounts can be migrated from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird to the IceWarp Desktop Client with just a few clicks.

  • The new To-Do sidebar provides additional “Outlook experience,” allowing users to quickly access their daily schedule.

  • The Basic interface has been reworked for tablets and optimized for touch interaction. Support for SmartAttach, event recurrence, reminders, blacklists, whitelists, tasks, and files. Lists can be paged by swiping the screen to the left and right, rotating the screen will rebuild the interface, hiding/showing less-used navigation options.

  • Support for Google Maps v3. All installations now have Google maps available by default and integrated with Address fields of contacts. The solution supports Street view, mouse wheel zoom, and multi-line address suggestion.

  • New anti-spam filter with gateway mode option that eliminates the need for additional costly anti-spam and antivirus solutions

  • Better resource management offers enhanced permissions for organizers to make this task even easier. There is also an improved view featuring a calendar for quick access to scheduling availability, and a vCard that appears in the GAL for the server containing all resource details.

  • New SIP server enhancements. For customers looking for a full-featured unified communications experience, IceWarp Server 10.4 brings a completely reworked and more feature rich Interactive Voice Response, call queues that behave as “active” extensions with the need for a dial plan, and a host of improvements aimed at better compatibility with SIP-based clients and closed VoIP systems

IceWarp Messaging Server 10.4 can be purchased in two ways. IceWarp Mail Server includes main features, such as the core e-mail, WebClient Basic, Kaspersky anti-virus, and dual-layered anti-spam featuring Anti-Spam LIVE. This basic product is built on the same powerful IceWarp platform as its enterprise solution and can be easily upgraded to its full-fledged functionality. IceWarp Messaging Server Enterprise includes all product’s features in a customizable package.

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