Lieberman Software Enhances Self-Service Password Reset for WIndows Enterprises

Account Reset Console 6.0 improves performance, scalability for user account password management.

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Lieberman Software Corporation has released Account Reset Console 6.0, the latest version of the company’s self-service password reset solution. The product permits delegated users to reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts without involving IT staff, helping organizations maintain high productivity levels while simultaneously strengthening security.

New features in version 6.0 of Account Reset Console include enhanced user interfaces, improvements in speed, and updated RSA SecurID multi-factor authentication.

Account Reset Console resolves a common problem encountered by IT groups in large organizations: the productivity drain caused when users lose access to systems due to forgotten or expired passwords. However, the product also helps companies, schools, healthcare providers and government agencies better manage their IT infrastructures and implement security controls.

The console provides a full audit trail of password changes and sends automated warnings to users, as well as managers, about passwords set to expire. Prior to changing a password, users must confirm their identities by responding to a set of previously established verification questions.

Should a user fail to change a password, the account can be locked until its password is updated. Reports can be generated showing which accounts are in or out of compliance, and organizations can prove that stale and improperly managed accounts are being automatically disabled.

Account Reset Console works in every Windows domain from Windows NT 4.0 to the forthcoming Windows 8 as well as numerous mobile devices. Ot os available now directly from Lieberman Software or through channel partners.

A fully functional trial version is available for download. The trial manages 100 users for 30 days and can be accessed here. For more information, visit

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