NEC Adds Optimized Synthetics to HYDRAstor OpenStorage Suite for Symantec NetBackup

New release eliminates the need for full backups.

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NEC Corporation of America has added Optimized Synthetics functionality to its HYDRAstor OpenStorage Suite for Symantec NetBackup application to further enhance backup for enterprise data centers.

Enterprises utilizing the HYDRAstor grid storage platform in conjunction with Optimized Synthetics will leverage HYDRAstor’s processing and integrated functionality to synthesize full system backups, eliminating the need for subsequent full backups and significantly reducing media server workload and network bandwidth requirements.

Optimized Synthetics is an optional feature within HYDRAstor OpenStorage Suite that brings advanced integration for Symantec NetBackup. HYDRAstor OpenStorage Suite consists of the following components for backup and replication:

  • Express I/O accelerates throughput with lightweight protocol and delivers higher backup performance
  • Dynamic I/O delivers adaptable front-end I/O load balancing across Accelerator Nodes with efficient inline global deduplication
  • Optimized Copy facilitates WAN-optimized backup image copy services for remote systems with optimized bandwidth utilization and efficient administration
  • Optimized Synthetics eliminates weekly full backups and reduces server workload and network traffic by offloading synthetic full backup processing to HYDRAstor

Integrating advanced functionality into the HYDRAstor platform via Symantec OpenStorage (OST) API framework extends the capabilities and automation for Symantec NetBackup. OpenStorage integration enables customers to leverage the built-in processing power and intelligence of the HYDRAstor storage system to simplify and speed up the backup process.

HYDRAstor is NEC’s highly scalable distributed grid storage platform, built to modernize storage infrastructure to support long-term data retention. HYDRAstor has been architected to maximize capacity optimization and modular scalability, without the complexity and inherent limitations of legacy storage solutions such as expensive inefficient primary storage, limited scale-up NAS, virtual or physical tape, or specialized single-purpose backup or archive appliances.

HYDRAstor Optimized Synthetics is available immediately and can be licensed on a per Accelerator Node basis, either as a separate feature or as part of the comprehensive OpenStorage Suite for Symantec NetBackup.

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