F5 Offers Free Vulnerability Assessments

Working with Cenzic and WhiteHat Security, F5 program helps enterprises reduce exposure to security breaches.

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F5 Networks, Inc. has launched a new program that offers enterprise organizations free application vulnerability assessment scans. In partnership with two dynamic application security testing (DAST) partners, Cenzic and WhiteHat Security, the F5 program makes it easy for customers to try vulnerability assessment services with no commitment.

The program is designed to help enterprises accelerate their adoption of Web application security best practices with an automated, accurate, and simple solution to protect business assets. To support customers that need assistance in scoping their Web application security status and to establish a road map to mitigate exposures, F5 Professional Services is introducing the BIG-IP ASM Vulnerability Mitigation Assessment service.

By testing and rapidly remediating vulnerabilities, organizations can reduce their window of exposure to security breaches through comprehensive assessments, strong Web application firewall policies, and automated virtual patching. Seamless integration between the DAST vendor’s XML API and F5’s BIG-IP Application Security Manager TM (ASM) v11.2 make it convenient for IT staff to: (1) perpetually test and verify application vulnerabilities; (2) automatically mitigate vulnerabilities with a single click; and (3) verify the efficacy of the mitigation by leveraging the DAST vendor product’s testing infrastructure. This is accomplished all within the F5 ASM interface.

The new F5 Professional Services offering helps customers hone in on the vulnerabilities identified by the Cenzic Cloud or WhiteHat Sentinel assessments by delivering a vulnerability mitigation assessment report that outlines the recommended approach to remediate vulnerabilities.

F5’s “Free Scan” offering has released with BIG-IP ASM version 11.2, available now. Customers have access to free 30-90 day vulnerability assessments from Cenzic and WhiteHat. Organizations that do not have BIG-IP ASM v11.2 may receive a free evaluation license by contacting their F5 representative or channel partner. The new F5 Professional Services offering, BIG-IP ASM Vulnerability Mitigation Assessment service, will be available in August 2012.

More information is available at www.f5.com.

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