CopperEgg Offers Free Advanced Web site, Cloud Monitoring Service

RevealUptime delivers cloud analytics and correlation to maximize visibility, minimize false alarms.

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CopperEgg, a cloud monitoring and analytics company, today released CopperEgg RevealUptime, a free service providing next-generation Web site and Web application monitoring. CopperEgg’s service allows organizations to maximize Web site performance visibility with fast monitoring checks. With the service’s cross-correlation analytics, business-critical Web sites can quickly isolate root cause issues in the cloud, correlating RevealUptime end user experience measurements with internal server health from CopperEgg RevealCloud server monitoring.

RevealUptime maximizes Web site uptime and Web application performance visibility with sub-minute monitoring checks. Measurements occur from every station, every 15 seconds, ensuring checks are made at least every 2.5 seconds. RevealUptime goes well-beyond simple “ping” checks and monitors granular Web site, Web application, and TCP port response time components, uptime, health, and availability from stations positioned around the world. Composite analytics minimize false alarms by using multiple testing stations per test, which reduces noise and increases fidelity.

“Feedback from RevealCloud customers reflected massive dissatisfaction with today’s Web site monitoring solutions. Beyond being expensive and difficult to use, scale, and administer, they are far too often just plain wrong due to the lack of effective analytics, resolution, and accuracy,” said Bob Quillin, CEO of CopperEgg.

Cross-correlation with RevealCloud server, system, and process metrics provides inside-out system results with outside-in, real-user experience to quickly isolate problems that affect customers. In addition, RevealUptime provides unprecedented ops-centric features including multi-user access with admin, read-only, and filtered view accounts plus a wide variety of DevOps integrations with tools such as PagerDuty, HipChat, Twitter, Basecamp, and SMS alerting.

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