Symantec Helps Enterprises Accelerate Mobile Adoption with Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem

Symantec’s Mobile Management Suite provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and mobile security.

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Symantec Corp. has released new solutions to create a trusted ecosystem of applications to help businesses accelerate their mobility initiatives. The offerings include the App Center Ready Program for application developers and a single mobile suite spanning device management, application management, and mobile security.

According to Anil Chakravarthy, senior vice president in the enterprise security group at Symantec, “By consolidating our portfolio into one suite that is priced per user, not by device, we help IT organizations increase employee mobility and productivity without compromising protection with a straightforward, predictable deployment model.” The new licensing model takes into account the reality companies are facing of two or more devices per employee.

Symantec’s Mobile Management Suite is a single solution that covers mobile device management, mobile application management, and mobile security. This new suite can be deployed on a per-user meter with both subscription and perpetual pricing models. The suite supports the major platforms, including iOS 6, Android 4.1, and Windows Phone 7.5, and features integrations with Symantec Endpoint Management and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager deployments. It also features enhancements such as application blacklisting, e-mail access control, and compliance management.

Whether organizations want to enable mobile e-mail or take advantage of mobile applications and content, Symantec Mobile Management Suite provides a solution that supports diverse use cases in personally owned, corporate owned, and hybrid deployments. As more employees carry multiple smartphones and tablets, Symantec’s new pricing and licensing model simplifies enterprise procurement, renewal and auditing processes, and helps regain control over the rising costs of enabling user mobility.

In addition to the new programs and suite, Symantec is announcing a new Android app for Symantec Managed PKI to transparently issue digital certificates to Android phones and tablets and make it easier to manage them. Enterprises can automate certificate enrolment, updates, and revocation, and lower management costs. The Symantec Managed PKI client for Android, along with capabilities for other mobile platforms such as Apple iOS, Mac, and Windows, help organizations increase their productivity and embrace BYOD initiatives with advanced device and user authentication.

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