BeyondTrust Extends Risk Reduction to Entire IT Operations Team

Retina Community solution expands support for “horizontal IT” for up to 256 IPs at no cost.

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BeyondTrust has released the newest edition of Retina Community, its free vulnerability assessment tool based on its widely deployed network security scanner, Retina Network. This new edition, available for download now, includes scanning profiles tailored to the specific groups that comprise enterprise IT today. Also, the free license has increased to now support the assessment of up to 256 assets, further reducing the attack surface in companies large and small.

Retina Community, in use by over 10,000 organizations worldwide, now includes targeted scan profiles for security, compliance, and systems administrators responsible for today’s dynamic IT environment. IT professionals responsible for such critical areas as servers, desktops, virtualization, and databases can quickly and easily assess their focus area for vulnerabilities. With Retina Community, they no longer need to wait for the next security or compliance audit -- they’re now empowered to identify risks and learn how to remediate them, reducing the internal and external attack surface of their environments dramatically.

“The rapidly changing threat landscape coupled with today’s dynamic IT environments unfortunately creates a prime breeding ground for vulnerabilities,” said Marc Maiffret, chief technology officer at BeyondTrust. “With exploits and targeted attacks appearing faster than ever before, it has become imperative for organizations to have tools like Retina Community to identify potential weaknesses and help prioritize which need to be addressed first.”

Available from BeyondTrust at no cost as a public service to the industry, the solution has an easy-to-use, Windows 8-inspired user interface. Retina Community, simplifies the complexities of vulnerability assessment with zero-gap visibility, context-aware prioritization, and guided remediation to significantly increase visibility into existing weak points in the IT assets organizations rely on every day. As always, Retina Community’s audit database is maintained daily by the experts on vulnerability research and exploitation -- the BeyondTrust Research Team.

Key highlights of Retina Community include:

  • Free vulnerability scanning of up to 256 assets

  • Live vulnerability feed provides the latest protection against missing patches, insecure configurations, and zero-day flaws

  • Simplified and streamlined wizard-based interface enables users to cut through the complexity of scanning

  • Profile-driven interface creates role-specific context which reduces noise in day to day operations

  • Complete automation support to test against the most common security configuration mistakes

The Retina Community download is available here.

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