New Nuix Solution Simplifies Collection of Large Data Sets

Enterprise Collection Center redefines enterprise collection for eDiscovery and big investigations with powerful workflows to automate the process from collection to production.

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Nuix, a provider of information management software for eDiscovery, electronic investigations, and information governance, has launched Nuix Enterprise Collection Center that performs unlimited concurrent collections across large numbers of devices and platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint, hard drives, and enterprise file shares.

Nuix Enterprise Collection Center collects all potentially relevant data, indexes the data, and displays it in Nuix’s investigative interface for search, triage, and analysis. The data can then be made available for production to all major review formats or in Nuix Fast Review.
Unique to Nuix, the software provides fast and defensible collection from Microsoft SharePoint sites, maintaining the exact look-and-feel as it existed at the time of collection.
Using Nuix Enterprise Collection Center, organizations can:

  • Manage defensible collections easily across active data sets of any size without specialized forensic training

  • Pre-filter collections by custodian, document type, and timeframe to exclude irrelevant data

  • Perform a federated search over all collected data

  • Add new data iteratively as the matter evolves

  • Manage unlimited concurrent collections, including remote and offline, in a non-intrusive, repeatable way

  • Collect from difficult-to-access repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint

  • Automate and schedule logical workflows for defined groups of custodians, with e-mail alerts, detailed reports, and logs about the state of collections and the enterprise environment

  • Import data directly into Nuix to access the power of Nuix for eDiscovery and investigations

“Legacy forensic collection methods just aren’t applicable anymore for the vast majority of eDiscovery matters and big investigations,” said Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix. “There’s too much data and not enough time, and it is far too expensive to just collect everything and hand it over to the lawyers.
“What happens if you need to collect from 30 devices, or 300 devices, or even 3000, or from a SharePoint site? By managing the entire process from collection to production with Nuix’s tools, customers can handle any size or type of request,” said Sheehy.

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