Lacuna Systems Launches Intelligent Application Performance Management Solution

Indico forecasts ecommerce problems before they disrupt business.

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Lacuna Systems has released Indico, a new breed of application performance management (APM) solutions designed to maximize uptime of critical Web applications for ecommerce and other Internet-based businesses. Businesses lose potential revenue and customer confidence through Web systems outages. Indico provides a definitive answer to one of IT’s most challenging problems: how to predict, identify, and remedy Web performance problems before they impact business performance.

Indico gives IT departments a clear view of Web applications for early detection of performance issues by intelligently analyzing traffic patterns without needing to track the entire traffic load underlying the ecommerce infrastructure. Because it monitors data that already exists on the application delivery controller (ADC), Indico is easier and more cost-effective to deploy, maintain, and use than traditional APM solutions focused on monitoring platform performance.

Indico gathers information using application programming interfaces (APIs), including F5 Networks’ iControl, which collect application performance metrics for local traffic management ADCs. The solution can be configured in minutes and will automatically grow to meet future needs of any Web operations platform. In addition, Indico allows front-line systems managers to monitor performance and resolve issues before a significant problem occurs without escalating to more senior -- and more expensive -- IT managers.

By monitoring more metrics than any other APM solution on the market, Indico recognizes warning signs in the days and weeks leading up to system failure. Indico’s key capabilities include:

  • A powerful analytics engine to automatically define a baseline for normal functioning of every Web application which continually analyzes performance data and adjusting thresholds in real-time

  • An easy-to-interpret dashboard to display complete baseline and performance data of all Web applications

  • Specific, actionable alerts sent when performance degrades outside defined performance ranges, dramatically reducing time required to resolve an issue

  • A role-based Web portal with personalized, executive-ready graphs and charts for various stakeholders within an organization

To accommodate customers’ specific Web operations and monitoring requirements, Lacuna Systems offers three versions: Indico VM, Indico 1000, and Indico 2000. Indico VM is designed for smaller organizations and runs on VMWare ESX 4.0 and above to maximize ease of deployment. Indico 1000 is Lacuna Systems fully redundant mid-sized appliance aimed at growing IT organizations. Indico 2000 is the company’s flagship appliance aimed at large enterprises requiring higher object counts and provides twice the capacity of Indico 1000.

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