Syncsort Upgrades z System Data Tool, Offers Free Starter Edition

Syncsort upgraded its Ironstream product for helping to analyze IBM z Systems log data and today announced a free starter edition of the tool.

For the first time, enterprises can analyze the mainframe data in IBM's WebSphere middleware or directly in applications leveraging Splunk Enterprise, which provides operational intelligence from machine-generated data, said Syncsort, which specializes in mainframe and Big Data tools.

"By opening up valuable, real-time operational data from the mainframe and providing it to Splunk Enterprise, Splunk users can be more proactive and effective in monitoring and resolving application, security and network problems on the mainframe," the company said in a statement today.

Ironstream can forward mainframe files such as IBM'S System Management Facility (SMF), Syslog, SyslogD, Log4J and SYSPRINT logs, along with data gathered by the company's own Zen z/OS suite.

Now, the company said, mainframe shops can use Ironstream to push more data to Splunk-based solutions in the following ways:

  • The Ironstream API, which allows any user application to send data from any z/OS data source, including its own application log data to Splunk solutions.
  • Unix System Services (USS) file delivery, including application logs, weblogs, application records, and user log data from custom mainframe applications.
  • Resource Measurement Facility Monitor III (RMF III) data delivery, to Splunk Enterprise to provide real-time system resource and performance measurements.

"Recent use cases reflect the mainframe's evolving role as the critical linchpin for leading analytics platforms like Splunk Enterprise, to address enterprise-wide security risks and soaring compliance costs," said exec Harvey Tessler. "A growing number of enterprises want to analyze mainframe operational data in real time with Splunk solutions. They are looking to use this analysis to support proactive data-driven decision making and to gain significant efficiencies in their IT operations to meet service level agreements (SLAs). Our new capabilities in Ironstream are central to achieving these critical Big Iron to Big Data goals."

Syncsort also released a free Starter Edition for transferring z/OS Syslog data into Splunk applications. "Unlike a typical technology trial, Syncsort allows organizations to use the Starter Edition to move the data without a time limit and run the applications in production at no charge," the company said. "This includes access to the Ironstream applications available for download on Splunkbase."

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