Enterprise Data Intelligence Tool Launched

ASG Software Solutions today launched its Enterprise Data Intelligence solution for gaining insights into critical business data to support IT and business decision-making.

The company said its tool discovers such data, identifies the applications that process it and provides visibility into how they're linked.

"By empowering organizations to better understand the data that underpins operations, the solution enables agile, fact-based decision-making, improves compliance response time and accuracy, and supports automated impact analysis for better long-term corporate planning and strategy," the company said in a statement today.

ASG said the tool helps enterprises quickly identify useful data and extract real-world value from it, even though it may be housed in discrete departmental silos or otherwise spread throughout legacy or new enterprise systems.

"Every business sits on a treasure trove of data, but many lack a clear understanding of the origin, movements, volume, characteristics and quality of that data," said CEO Charles Sansbury. "Such gaps in enterprise data understanding can significantly slow innovation and response time to new threats or opportunities. Our new solution offers a unique patent pending combination of data lineage and data discovery tools to close those gaps. As a result, business and IT users gain more confidence in the data they rely on to support timely and strategic decisions, or to satisfy compliance responsibilities."

The new product discovers applications from 220-plus sources that could reside in mainframe and distributed systems like Hadoop and uses compiler-like parsing along with metadata processing to provide a total view of an enterprise's information landscape. It features tools that provide a business glossary and understanding of data inventory, data governance and reference data to serve as an overarching data repository.

Key features of the solution listed by ASG include:

  • "Zero-Gap" data lineage -- an approach to combining application discovery and data lineage, which the company claims is an industry first.
  • A RESTful API Layer that allows interactive links and dynamic portability in and out of other governance or analytical tools and applications.
  • A new data governance and business applications model.
  • The ability to maintain distinct enterprise and line of business views of data and update each independently, with support for line-of-business onboarding.

"The solution helps organizations in a range of verticals tackle data-driven challenges," the company said. "Retailers can quickly find the data needed to pursue timely seasonal campaigns, and work with confidence and trust in their analytical data. Businesses and government agencies can establish a powerful metadata repository that automatically populates and stores an infinite number of versions and data snapshots. In regulated industries like finance and banking, businesses can confidently demonstrate sound risk management practices in response to compliance audits."

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