Site Provides Enterprise Software Pricing Tips

SelectHub, specializing in helping firms procure enterprise software, has come out with new tips on pricing such offerings.

"Getting the right pricing negotiated for an enterprise software purchase is one of the most fundamental requirements as pricing directly ties to the budget allocated to the project," exec Michael Shearer said in a blog post last week. "There are a number of variables to consider when comparing pricing across software vendors."

The "Guide to Enterprise Software Pricing" lists tips about feature limitations within tiered pricing, free trial offers, buying through resellers and channel partners and many more topics.

For example, one tip on evaluating tiered pricing models says:

Vendors will limit the number of users, amount of emails you can send or contacts you can have in your database depending on the pricing tier you select. To get additional volume, some vendors will ask you to go up tiers while others let you buy additional volume in bulk. Consider your near and longer term need to scale out volume as you evaluate these pricing alternatives.

The company, founded three years ago this month, says it's "committed to helping companies optimize and standardize their technology evaluation and investment models" in an age when ROI is an especially important factor in a market expected to top $2 trillion annually.

"Navigating software pricing can be treacherous and can mean the difference between procuring relevant feature/functionality within budget to a nightmarish situation that results in drained budgets, persistent user complaints and sometimes, job loss," Shearer concluded in his new post. "Tread with caution!"

The company has also published similar posts dealing with business intelligence, ERP, human resources and other types of enterprise software.

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