HP Enterprise Grows High-Performance Server Offerings

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has added to its high-performance computing (HPC) offerings, with new deep learning functionality, storage servers and targeted financial services industry (FSI) applications.

"Organizations running complex HPC and Big Data workloads, such as modeling, simulation, high frequency trading and deep learning are now able to modernize their datacenters with infrastructure solutions that are purpose-built and optimized to analyze, massive volumes of data with speed, scale and efficiency," HP Enterprise said in an announcement last week.

The deep learning offering comes in the HPE Apollo 6500 System.

"With up to eight high-performance NVIDIA GPU cards designed for maximum transfer bandwidth, the HPE Apollo 6500 System is purpose-built for deep learning applications," the company said. "Its high ratio of GPUs to CPUs, dense 4U form factor and efficient design enable organizations to run deep learning recommendation algorithms faster and more efficiently, significantly reducing model training time and accelerating the delivery of real-time results, all while controlling costs."

Also new, the HPE Apollo 4520 System provides an enterprise storage solution.

"Most HPC-specific storage solutions on the market today are closed appliances, which limits flexibility for customers, drawing IT organizations into vendor lock-in," HP Enterprise said. "The HPE Apollo 4520 System is designed to give customers the opportunity to implement reliable open and supported parallel file system architectures to address their HPC storage needs."

Targeting the financial services industry, HP Enterprise introduced several new solutions, including: HPE Moonshot Trader workstations that feature accelerated graphics and high compute performance; the HPE Trade and Match Server Solution to boost the performance of trade processing; and the HPE Risk Compliant Archive Solution for handling regulatory archiving compliance requirements.

"As high-performance and Webscale applications become mainstream, HPE's continued focus on this market is yielding positive results for our customers," said exec Bill Mannel. "Already, more than a third of the HPC market is using HPE compute platforms to enhance scientific and business innovation and gain a competitive edge. Today's announcement reinforces our commitment to delivering new infrastructure solutions that satisfy our customers' insatiable need for massive compute power to fuel new applications and unlock the value of their data."

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