IBM Aims New All-Flash Storage at Enterprise Cognitive Computing

Targeting the need for high availability, continuous up-time and performance in critical cognitive computing efforts at midsize and large enterprises, IBM today announced a new all-flash storage line.

"These are built to provide the speed and reliability needed for workloads ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial transactions to cognitive applications like machine learning and natural language processing," the company said in a statement. "The solutions announced today are designed to support cognitive workloads [that] clients can use to uncover trends and patterns that help improve decision making, customer service and ROI."

The new family of DS8880 all-flash systems targets: business-class storage for traditional applications with the IBM DS8884F line; enterprise-class storage for high-speed transactional operations with IBM DS8886F; and analytic-class storage for cognitive and real-time analytics and decision making with the IBM DS 8888F.

"The DS8880 All-Flash family is targeted at users that have experienced poor storage performance due to latency, low server utilization, high energy consumption, low system availability and high operating costs," said exec Ed Walsh. "These same users have been listening, learning and understand the data value proposition of being a cognitive business. In the coming year we expect an awakening by companies to the opportunity that cognitive applications, and hybrid cloud enablement, bring them in a data-driven marketplace."

The new systems will be available Jan. 20.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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