ALM Firm Lists Predictions for Enterprise Software Delivery in 2017

Blueprint Software Systems Inc., an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) specialist, has published its 2017 predictions for the enterprise software delivery space.

"As the volume and complexity of development projects grow, enterprises will continue to shift toward agile and continuous delivery, and new technologies that enable collaboration between stakeholders will be essential," the firm said.

Blueprint's top four predictions for enterprise software delivery are:

  1. Critical business functions that were previously behind the wall will shift to consumer facing apps as organizations prioritize digital transformation.
  2. Security concerns will grow as more and more services and products are connected.
  3. Organizations will develop sophisticated intelligence to process and make smart decisions as they gather more data.
  4. Enterprises will shift toward continuous delivery as speed continues to be a priority.

"2017 will present significant opportunities and complex challenges around development and business transformation," said CEO Dan Shimmerman. "Organizations that are able to successfully implement new IT systems and processes in a manner that is well aligned with their overarching business objectives will ultimately be the most successful in 2017 and beyond."

You can read the company's thoughts about each of the predictions in this post.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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