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Software Adoption Survey Needs Your Input

According to Chris Dowse, CEO of consulting firm Neochange, most organizations receive less than half of the benefits they want from their IT investments. What accounts for this “value gap”? Complex IT adoption for one.

The company is currently collecting input from enterprises for their fourth annual survey, and they’d like your help into what you believe are the challenges and trends you’re facing. This year’s survey focuses on the business impact of a variety of end-user strategies as well as a deeper understanding of adoption barriers.

The survey asks about how well groups within your organization are executing their responsibilities (such as end-user support staff to front-line managers), to when you get involved with user adoption within your projects. Neochange also wants to understand how long you’ve been using end-user technologies such as end-user experience monitoring, education simulations, and self-service education. How do your users learn about their applications, and how actively engaged are users?

Neochange will share their results with ESJ in a future issue of Enterprise Strategies. If you’d like to participate, visit their survey site.

-- James E. Powell
Editorial Director, ESJ

Posted on 12/14/2011

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