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Most Popular Stories on ESJ in 2011

#1: Windows on Mainframes Due December 16: Windows on the Big Blue's hardware is almost here.

#2: 10 Reasons Why Architects and Developers Should Care about Cloud Computing: Cloud computing isn’t just about outsourcing IT resources. We explore ten benefits IT architects and developers will realize by moving to the cloud.

#3: IBM Bringing Windows to the Mainframe Later This Year: IT mainframe pros will have to wait until Q4 to get their first look at IBM's Windows-on-zBX offering. Will it be worth the wait?

#4: Enterprise Systems Salary Survey 2011 Part 2: IT Staff Salaries: IT staff salaries remain flat, but bonuses rise; premiums highest in supply chain and data warehouse environments

#5: Careers: The Hot Jobs for 2011: As a new list of “Promising Jobs” proves, some IT skills never go out of style.

#6: ESJ Salary Survey 2011 Part 1: Management Salaries: Most management salaries stagnated or dropped, though bonuses saw a bounce; business-to-business and ERP skills command highest premiums.

#7: How Total Architects Enable Project Success (Part 1 of 4): Introducing the "Total Architect" and the benefits this position can bring to your enterprise.

#8: Traits of a Total Architect ... And All That Jazz (Part 2 of 4): How a Total Architect is like a musician.

#9: Q&A: SOAP and REST 101: What are SOAP and REST? What do these Web services have in common and where is each best used? We take a closer look.

#10: 5 Steps to a Continuously Compliant Data Center (Part 1 of 2): These five steps provide a road map for continuous compliance in the data center.

Posted by Jim Powell on 01/02/2012

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