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New Survey Shows Areas with Greatest IT Jobs Per Capita

Beyond.com, a career network that claims to have over 26 million users who collectively apply for jobs 1.5 million times each month, has released a new report on “the pulse of employment in the U.S.”

The company has released two “infographics” -- one listing the top 10 metropolitan areas with the most jobs per capita available, and another showing locations with the highest per capital job candidates available. Among the top 10 locales with available jobs, 6 place IT among the top industries for the region. Among these six, the job titles most in demand are “Java developers, business analysts, and software engineers.”

In the top market, San Jose, the industries creating the most jobs per capita are IT, engineering and architecture, and sales and sales management. In its survey, Beyond says the average salary in San Jose is $57,000, but the cost of living is 52 percent above the national average. The report lists “Top Job Titles Employers Need to Fill” in San Jose as software engineers, project managers, and Java developers.

Other cities in the top 10 include Bloomington, Illinois; Manchester, New Hampshire; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Des Moines, Iowa; Columbus, Indiana; Springfield, Illinois; Casper, Wyoming (Wyoming again!); Billings, Montana; and Washington, D.C.

The report lists the next 40 locales to round out the list to 50; in this list are only two “big city” tech cities -- San Francisco and Denver. New York didn’t make the list, nor did Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, or Dallas.

Among all top-10 cities with the most job candidates available, the survey doesn’t list any IT jobs among the “easiest jobs to hire for.” Warehouse workers, yes, customer service reps, yes -- even Phlebotomists (in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) -- but no candidates with anything remotely resembling an IT job title.

You can see the complete infographic here.

-- James E. Powell
Editorial Director, ESJ

Posted on 08/27/2012

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