October 1998


System Sort: A Powerful Weapon in Your Y2K Arsenal

Commercial sort packages can prove to be a formative tool in the Year 2000 fight with windowing, date field conversion, data mining and aging and program substitution.

Editorial: I’m Going to Disneyworld! Not!

"We’re caught in a firestorm of information; yet there’s barely enough knowledge to light a candle."

Euro Change: Are U.S. Firms Prepared for the Second Wave?

E-Commerce and the Mainframe

The "Big Iron" isn’t going to the computer graveyard just yet. With all the information stored there, the challenge is to make it remotely available to employees, vendors and customers in a managed fashion - without jeopardizing security.

IBM's Java: The Common Language of the Coming Era

IBM aims to win the Java Wars by creating a brand of Java that plays on all its platforms and, thus, offers customers an enterprise platform more open and appealing than the one controlled by Microsoft’s Win32 and COM APIs.

Countdown to Year 2000: Have I Gotta Deal for You?!!!

The Smart Choice for Token Ring Networks

With the majority of Token Ring users having designed a switched LAN environment that incorporates a mixture of Ethernet and Token Ring transport, network managers are focusing their efforts on how to move switching to the desktop, while ensuring the coexistence and interoperability of Token Ring and Ethernet workstations over the corporate backbone

Motorola Web Empowers Its Employees and Organization

Aonix helps Motorola deliver a Web-enabled version of its information training system that provide the same processing power and functionality of its current system, but accommodates modifications that come about due to customer requirements.

Pier 1 Weds VSAM with the World Wide Web to Launch Bridal Registry Site

Specialty retailer Pier 1 Imports’ Bridal Registry finds marital bliss as its host-based VSAM database is joined with the World Wide Web to produce a very attractive offspring: increased revenues.

Industry News

Driving the price of MIPS down, Centron and Cisco sign global agreement, Computer Associates acquires REALOGIC, Innovation Data Processing partners with St. Bernard, Attachmate and IBM announce host access industry standard.

Drill Down: The Business Intelligence Technology Shift

Host-to-Web Creates Bridge for VWR

VWR Scientific Products leverages its existing programs to create an enhanced Web presence for online ordering.

On Air: What Goes Around...The Business of Web-to-Host

October Inside IBM

IBM’s 10th anniversary of storage management, Tivoli strengthens Global Sign-On, new semiconductor offerings, advanced secure online commerce.

Top Ten Tricky Year 2000 Problems

A down and dirty list of Year 2000 concerns.

Technology Is The Source Of Your Enterprise Management ROI ... Not!

As the widespread disappointment with Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) projects proves, management technology alone cannot suffice to solve the most pressing enterprise management problems. However, by establishing and enforcing standard management practices and undertaking small ESM projects with clearly-defined goals, managers can beat the odds.

An Outsourcing Trend

Company budgets for outsourcing are going through the roof. And with networks becoming more complex and distributed, organizations are discovering that outsourcing network management can be a tricky and costly task.

DB2 Database Clusters and the New VI Architecture Standard

With the constant demand for enhanced access to ever greater volumes of information at affordable costs, vendors seek to develop new cluster-oriented products to change the face of enterprise computing. Virtual Interface architecture, a distributed messaging specification and supporting architecture, professes the highest speeds with the lowest latency interconnectivity between cluster components.