March 1999


Editorial: The New Network

Drill Down

Data Warehouse Apps Raise Privacy Issues

SNA Applications Without SNA Networks?

How can this be so? Learn how SNA applications can now be maintained - without changes - and interoperate over a pure IP network, while still maintaining SNA qualitites.

A Search and Deploy Mission, Part 1:  Production Support/Application Testing and

In the first of his two-part article, the fundamentals of software defect investigation and resolution are discussed, in order to help MVS developers by presenting a methodical approach to understanding the process of tracking down and solving a production software error.

Industry News

Eurologic's Storage Subsytems for Dell; Y2K-Related Failures; Interliant Receives Beacon Award; EDS, A.T.Kearney and NCR Partnership.

Countdown to Year 2000

The "Dirty Dozen"

Pick Systems Partners with IBM to Optimize and Its Solutions

IBM and independent software vendor Pick Systems have enjoyed a 10-year working relationship, that has continued to grow stronger over the years. In the past few years, the relationship has evolved into a true co-marketing partnership. As a result, the companies work together to optimize solutions and win new business.

SLAs Defined

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can by maintained by building a well-designed network that integrates multiple protocols and services over an IP infrastructure. Network managers must use tools that are designed for a multi-protocol, integrated services environment to establish accurate response times and to maintain SLAs.

Both Ends Against the Middle?

IBM has lanched a direct ship fulfillment program that may threaten its distributors' sales margins. Meanwhile, it's also expanding worldwide service efforts, which may encroach on its VARs' integration business. In redefining its channel relationships, will IBM emphasize cooperation or competition? And in adapting to the change, will the channel stress volume or value?

Stuck in the Middle Again?

While IT professionals look for ways to integrate their applications internally, IBM's message-oriented middleware MQSeries provides a way for legacy applications to communicate with the newer applications

Inside IBM

Capacity Upgrades for S/390; G5's New Record; MQSeries: The Next Generation; Novell Network for OS/390.

The Four Pillars of Batch Processing Management

As a building block to the performance management process, I/O management, acheduling, CPU resources and quality metrics can prove essential to increasing customer satisfaction, while decreasing costs.

CICS Support of the Internet

This introduction to CICS support for enabling Internet access to CICS systems and applications attacks the problem of knowing which support to use for specific requirements.


Who Are IBM Business Partners?

The IBM Software Group has developed an extensive network of software business partners whose knowledge of e-business can benefit the building of their businesses.