November 1999


November Editorial: An Acquiring Taste

Creating the Storage Utility – The Ultimate in Enterprise Storage

The enterprise storage utility is a self-diagnosing, self-healing, policy-based, intelligent storage system that dynamically allocates and re-allocates a virtual pool of storage, and automatically handles saving and backup. Sound too good to be true? It is, for it doesn't exist -- yet.

The Fibre Channel Infrastructure: The Next Highway System for Heavy Data Traffic

Public monorails and hovercrafts may be a thing of the future, but for data moving and sharing, the future is now. Fibre channel has blazed its way to the top of next-level networking technologies.

November Inside IBM

November Response Time

"Shark" Attack: IBM’s Disk Subsystem Preys on the UNIX/NT Market

IBM takes bold steps to recapture a major part of the disk storage market from UNIX and NT with its new disk subsystem, the IBM 2105 Enterprise Storage Server (ESS).

Countdown to Year 2000: Some Final Y2K FAQs

A Package Deal: Performance Packages Deliver Prime Tape Library Performance

The key to tape library problem-solving and preventive maintenance relies on the automated tracking of performance indicators. And a performance package makes tape library preventive maintenance realistic for the data center by placing minimal demands on data center staff resources.

The Wide Area E-SAN: The Ultimate Business Continuity Insurance

To meet business requirements in an age where data is the lifeblood of the corporate world, dispense with misconceptions and consider leveraging existing network switching fabrics to create an enterprise storage network.

Web-to-Host Connections: "Proactive Destruction": One Bank’s Story

Acxiom Squeezes Strategic Advantage out of Sorting: PipeSort Helps Data Products Company Slash MVS Elapsed Time by 40 Percent

Database marketing firm Acxiom Corporation relies on SyncSort Inc.'s PipeSort to help slash the company's MVS elapsed time by 40 percent.

Leveraging the Virtual Storage Hierarchy

As competition increases, companies will further intensify their efforts to gain a competitive advantage. Virtual storage solutions offer an exciting way to address these demands and provide companies with the edge they need by increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction and reducing expenses.

Clustering: What Some Vendors Don’t Tell You

In the chicken-and-egg world of vendor marketing and user need, clustering has achieved "hot topic" status. Depending on individual needs, a variety of vendors manufacture appliances to target specific points of failure. To be effective, however, the solutions you choose must provide simultaneous coverage for multiple points of failure.

European Economic and Monetary Union: Rare Enterprise Computing Business Opportunity

Euro conversion is expected to have major implications for companies that operate from the European Union. Similar to the Year 2000 conversion, the euro conversion is causing organizations to analyze certain aspects of their Information Systems Operations and decide whether to repair, upgrade, retire or replace affected applications.

Enterprise Productivity: IT’s Contribution to Business Agility

Using Enterprise Productivity Software, day-to-day operations are significantly improved and problems are eliminated before they have a chance to become problems. The bottom line in operations is doing more, while using fewer resources and minimizing headcount, while maintaining acceptable SLAs.

November Humor

Against the Grain: UltraSCSI Lives Despite New Fibre Channel Kid on the Block

A counter view of today's Fibre Channel frenzy.

November Industry News