February 2000


As Time Goes By: UC4 Helps Air Products Deal with the Here-and-Now of Job Scheduling

When Air Products and Chemicals Inc. opened for business, it had a single product line and a data center with one IBM mainframe. Over the years, the complexity of its operations has transformed the data center into an intricate installation of multiple platforms supporting a multitude of operations. Such complexity prompted the company to seek a method to implement a solution that encompassed all platforms.

The Future of BI: A Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Market Overview

The enabling technologies of business intelligence and data warehousing are playing a vital role in facilitating strategic corporate and organizational initiatives, such as customer relationship management and e-commerce worldwide.

Data on the Move – In Pursuit of a Competitive Advantage: Your Organization and Technology Are Ready for Success. What About Your Data?

By combining organizational and technical solutions, companies hope to create a streamlined, Web-enabled organization running on integrated information and powered by super information engines along the fast track to 21st century success. Will it work?

Codename: Callable - Enhancing COBOL Programs Through Language Environment Callable Services

Language Environment Callable Services can enable a COBOL program to perform tasks that are otherwise outside the scope of the language, such as dynamically acquire and free storage, determining whether a date is valid, generating a snap dump, and more.

A One-on-One Interview with Bill Inmon

The "Father of the Data Warehouse" discusses what's in store for the industry.

January Humor

February Industry News

Web-to-Host Connectivity: Beyond Screen Scraping: Web to Host Meets Thin-Client Computing

Redefining Thick and Thin: Applying the Server-Based Computing Model to Traditional Host Connectivity

Over the past year, thin-client computing has taken center stage in the world of information systems technology. Despite predictions to the contrary, thin-client computing technology is not in trouble today: All indications point to server-based network architectures remaining a hot IT trend.

E-Commerce: Here Come the Lawyers

February Business Intelligence: Data Warehousing ERP Information and B-to-B E-Commerce