March 2000


Putting the Wraps on Legacy Code

As software developers enter the new millennium, they are challenged to bring the value of the network to the enterprise, and to leverage the assets developed over the years into components of a ubiquitous computing environment.

March Inside IBM

Oops, There It Is: Object-Oriented Project Size Estimation

Java development efforts are sweeping through the enterprise. Existing legacy applications are being reengineered to include Web front-ends. E-business is an idea whose time has come. This article introduces an Object-Oriented Project Size Estimation technique that can help predict the amount of time it takes to design, code and test an object-oriented project.

Changes in the Fast Lane: Evaluating Enterprise Software Change Management Solutions to Fuel E-Business

New mission-critical e-business applications must be developed more rapidly, meet higher quality standards, and be updated quicker than ever before. This demand for speed is captured in the now familiar terms "Internet time" or "e-time."

Physician Sales & Service Web-Enables Legacy ERP System: Revolutionary Solution Builds Stronger Customer Relationships

Web-to-Host Connections: Remote Possibilities: The New TCO

Getting Started with Java and DB2 for OS/390: Using the Java Programming Language in Large-Scale Enterprise Databases

With the availability of Java-stored procedures for DB2 for OS/390, the era of portable, vendor-neutral, database programming will really be with us. This article looks at how you can use the Java programming language with large-scale enterprise databases, namely DB2 for OS/390.

E-commerce: Post Y2K: The Real E-Commerce Revolution Begins

The HP 3000 Evolves into the HP e3000

March Industry News

Editorial: "You Were A Good Man, Charles Schulz"

Higher Education: A Lesson in Mainframe Server Automation

In order to meet the heavy computing demands of the largest U.S. school system, the New York City Board of Education uses an enterprise server and high-performance software to deliver all of the information required to administer more than one million students.

Security Problems in Network Management

With the evolution of network management, more responsibility has been placed upon the "framework" to fulfill the TMN FCAPS model. Typical network operations centers, which support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based logical and physical devices, must now be capable of supporting all business units in a uniform fashion.

March Humor

Should We Be Thinking DAI? Planning for the Future of EAI

It seems that every few years we embrace some new "trend" that trumpets the dawn of the corporate IT revolution. The trend dujour could very well become Enterprise Application Integration. But should we really be thinking Departmental Application Integration instead?

Business Intelligence: The Open Systems Cult: Linux and Data Warehousing

e-Enabling the IT Infrastructure: Integrate, Automate, Centralize

Having weathered Y2K, corporate IT organizations now find themselves facing an even more daunting challenge: providing a flexible and integrated back-end to support e-business initiatives. For many IT departments, meeting this challenge is a matter, not only of success, but of survival.