March 2001


Customer-Made Information: Family-Owned Cabinet Manufacturer Builds a Wealth of Knowledge for Its CSRs

Think a cabinet door is just a cabinet door -- some wood, a handle and hinges -- and everything is ready to go? Decore-ative Specialties, a family-owned cabinetry manufacturer, knows the truth -- building custom-made cabinet doors means an almost infinite number of combinations. Decore-ative's new order-taking system needed to integrate years of experience and knowledge, a legacy system and new technology to give each customer an ideal door.

And Another Thing: The Moral of the Story

Mike Cohn explores "The Moral of the Story."

Systems Reveille: Model Systems Standardization Project Keeps the DoD on Time and on Budget

The Department of Defense (DoD) distribution depots are responsible for supplying all branches of the Armed Services. Before 1992, each depot was isolated with its own inventory, accounting and shipping and receiving systems -- making it difficult to locate hard-to-find items without numerous phone calls. The DoD recognized the need to consolidate all the depots for an efficient and ultimately cost-saving system.

Up Front With: A Well-Kept Secret?

IBM's NetGen business strategy is no longer "A Well-Kept Secret" with Sam Albert on the case.

Web-to-Host Connections: The Gadgeted Age: Thin Clients Get Even Thinner

E-Business Opps: A Clickstream Data Warehouse Meta-Schema

Industry Watch

Popcorn and E-Commerce: Navarre Entertains Vendors with Web to Host

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of "Meet the Parents?" Have a need to replace your worn-out copy of "Blade Runner?" You head to your local video store. But where do they get their stock? Navarre Corporation meets the demand for many vendors, but wanted to simplify the process by Web-enabling its mainframe-based inventory application and furthering its e-commerce strategy.

Business Intelligence: Data Warehousing Raison D’Etre

Editorial: Coming Full Cycle ... Again

Enterprise Storage: Storage Buyers: Beware the Ides of March

Oil and Water Do Mix

R&M Energy Systems manufactures and engineers oil exploration, discovery and recovery equipment for virtually all major oil service companies. How does a company ensure quick and accurate parts delivery from Texas to Saudi Arabia? Find out.

Issues & Insights: Put Your Information to Work

In the Data Management arena, "Making Your Information Work for You" is a cinch with John Bussert's help.