Web Services Rising

IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Sun Battle for Mindshare.


Senate Mobilizes Politicos

Republicans just might have an IT edge in Washington—wireless e-computing technology that lets senators and staff check on the latest developments via PDA.

Web Services the Microsoft Way

With .NET, Microsoft offers perhaps the most comprehensive Web services product announced so far. But what is it really, and what might be its impact on your enterprise?

NOAA Calls for Clear Skies

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sought to accelerate sluggish supercomputer performance. Using Linux, the weather research speeds are now scorching.

Trim the IT Budget

With the economy still cooling off and corporate profits well on their peaks, dollars for infrastructure improvements can be hard to come by.

Building for a Brave New World (Part II)

Part II: Getting Real about Web Services and "Transparent Interoperation."

Web Services: Building for a Brave New World (Part I)

Part I: The Web Services promise is tempting. How close is real fulfillment?