Where's Your Money Going?

How usage-based plans could cut software licensing costs.


Wireless Insecurity

Take one look at the tangle of cables connecting the computer to its monitor, peripherals and printers, and it’s not hard to imagine how someone thought "wireless." Sample the wireless 802.11b network (a.k.a. Wi-Fi and AirPort) in a café after crawling around on your hands and knees underneath your desk trying to find a live Ethernet port.

Road Rage on the Internet

The Internet is broken. Successful businesses require predictable systems and reliable performance. Unfortunately, the Internet provides neither.

Vendors Lurch Toward Web Services

How and when will Web services impact mainstream host integration efforts? Are CICS applications ready to be re-cast as Web services?

HP's Muddled Storage Vision

A lot of confusion persists in the user community about the meaning of the Compaq-HP merger and what impact it will have on its existing investments in storage technology.

Mainframes and Markets

Mainframe sales, like every other economic indicator we've all been watching, will depend on the economy. Where do you see the mainframe market heading?

Fund Your Project with Financial Measures

If you're in the enviable position of having your project funded, congratulations. The rest of us must learn to use IRR, PV, NPV and the time value of money to our advantage.


The Cost of Webifying Legacy Applications

DePaul University authors provide access to their complete study.

Application Integration: Mix & Match

ETL emerges as a compelling alternative to traditional EAI tools.

Stop and Go Migration

Migrating to Windows 2000 Active Directory was taking the Cincinnati State Technical and Community College much longer than expected. A migration tool from Quest Software Inc. made all the difference.

Replication Acceleration

Hydrite Chemical needed to reduce ERP data replication for its sales force. Stampede Technologies' TurboGold 4.2 helped the IT staff reduce bandwidth costs, shorten replication time and improve data accuracy.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

The quasi-monopolistic licensing practices of some software vendors have angered enterprise managers. But there's hope on the horizon and strategies you can use to fight back today.