IT Management

Q&A: Why Government Agencies Are Finally Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a popular architecture, and U.S. agencies are finally getting on board.

4 Steps to Successful Application Managed Services

If you're thinking about ceding control of some applications to others, this four-step recipe can help you create and enjoy a successful and safe relationship.

Q&A: Why Business Process Management and Complex Event Processing Are Better Together

Business process management and complex event processing now support a broad range of business processes. How can these two technologies complement each other to further optimize business processes?

Application Acceleration in the Cloud Age

In the age of the cloud, applications and content are only as good as the network they ride on. We explore three application acceleration options.

Q&A: Automating Application Testing

Automated testing tools can relieve the tedium of testing, but are they appropriate for every testing task?

Analysis: Revamped NetView a Sleeper Hit

NetView 6.1 is, by almost any standard, an exciting new deliverable -- particularly for users of IBM’s Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex technology.

Careers: Steady as She Goes

There are few bright spots in a new survey of CIO hiring plans.

Q&A: Overcoming Cloud Migration Fears

What’s holding back some enterprises from enjoying the benefits of cloud computing?

IT, Executives Don't See Eye to Eye on Virtualization, Cloud Computing

Business and IT executives aren't always on the same page when it comes to virtualization and cloud computing.

Analysis: Do zEnterprise Results Signal a Slowdown for the Mainframe Market?

With another strong quarterly showing for System z, IBM seems to have put its recent run of mainframe woes behind it. Or has it?

Avoiding Buffet-Style Overindulgence in Your Internal Cloud

Although clouds may never provide a truly carefree lifestyle when it comes to resources, these steps can ensure that they don’t create an expensive operational nightmare.

Q&A: How to Successfully Migrate Legacy Data

Updating applications with current technology means IT must make sure no data is left behind.

Extreme Collaboration and the Cloud

Although cloud computing gets all the attention, extreme collaboration, an emerging business model, will ultimately deliver value well beyond current market expectations by enabling faster and better business transformation.

Q&A: Tackling "Big Data" Challenges

How big is big data, and how can you get it under control?

Why Hardware-based WANs Are Obsolete

Hardware solutions are costly and time-consuming. Is it time you moved to a software solution?

Careers: IT Jobs Growth a Double-Edged Sword

The economy last month added more new IT jobs than at any point over the last four years, but the picture is changing radically.

IBM Bringing Windows to the Mainframe Later This Year

IT mainframe pros will have to wait until Q4 to get their first look at IBM's Windows-on-zBX offering. Will it be worth the wait?

5 Best Practices for Reducing IT Complexity

Can your business users trust your IT department? A new approach to enterprise automation may help IT better manage IT complexity and enhance that user/IT trust.

Q&A: Best Practices for Working with Unstructured Data

What is unstructured data and how should IT search on and store it?

5 Tips for Choosing a Managed Service Provider for Your Multivendor Environment

Managed services help enterprises enjoy the benefits of best-of-breed equipment when deploying converged communications.