Cutting IT Costs with IBM’s MSU Software Licensing

In practice, for some mainframe customers, Big Blue’s MSU technology dividend really does translate into significant cost savings.

Survey Reveals Global Sourcing Trends

From smaller deals to an increased interest in China, the face of outsourcing is changing, a new survey reports

CA’s zIIPy Masterstroke

CA says organizations can offload some management tasks from their expensive mainframe general processors onto cheaper zIIPs

IBM Preps z/VM Overhaul

z/VM 5.3 might still be five months away, but many VM programmers are already licking their lips in anticipation

SOA Finally Living Up to its Hype, Survey Shows

Development efforts are growing, and they’re finishing on time, new research says

System z: What IBM Still Needs to Do

IBM has done a lot to help revitalize the mainframe, Big Iron technologists say, but there’s still much work to be done

Mainframe Pros Optimistic about the Future

Mainframe pros sound off about the year ahead

Compuware, IBM Loosen Their Purse Strings

Both Compuware and IBM notched a pair of mainframe-related acquisitions

Impressive Growth Ahead for Application Server Market

The application server marketplace isn’t the exclusive playground of J2EE and .NET: CICS is amply represented, market watcher IDC says

Consultancy Puts IBM’s TCO Claims to the Test

Do Big Blue’s mainframe TCO assertions add up?

Enterprise IT: Five Predictions for 2007

The year was something of a mixed bag, milestone-wise. We offer five trends to watch in 2007.

WDS FERRETs Out SNA-to-IP Bottlenecks

Mainframe operators need unobstructed visibility into the performance of their IP networks, too.

Mainframe Emulation Specialist Target of IBM Lawsuit

IBM charges PSI with breach of contract and patent infringement

Podcast: Moving to Software as a Service

The move to SaaS can be full of uncertainties. We sort out the issues.

SHARE to Spearhead Mainframe’s Future

New SHARE president Martin Timmerman says he has ambitious plans for the world’s oldest mainframe user group

IBM Has Its Eyes on the SMB Prize

There’s gold in the SMB market, and IBM officials say they’ve made real gains in the lucrative space

Sales Leap Defies Anti-Mainframe Campaign

After a quarter like System z just had, it’s difficult to see how or why competitors are still writing epitaphs for Big Iron

The Greening of IT: Cutting Power Consumption is Just the Beginning

It’s all-but-official: electrical power consumption is a big issue today and will be an even bigger issue tomorrow.

System p, System i to Get Boost from Power 6

Late last month, Big Blue gave pundits a glimpse at Power 6, the next-generation RISC CMOS it expects to unveil next year

Analysis: A Closer Look at Sun’s Project Blackbox

Is Sun’s Blackbox a gimmick? Some analysts think there’s a lot more to it, but we’ll have to wait until it ships to be sure.