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Maximize ROI and Accelerate Adoption of a Successful Cloud Strategy with Workload Analysis

Moving to a cloud environment can lead to greater agility and cost savings through standardization, scalability, automation and self-service. But defining your cloud strategy is just the first step. The next step is to accelerate adoption of your strategy and ensure you realize all the benefits of your cloud investment.

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Streamlining the Move to Hybrid Cloud

If your organization has not yet looked into a hybrid cloud environment chances are it will. According to a recent study by TBR Research, IT environments will become fully hybridized over the next few years, elevating the importance of integration while changing some of the dynamics between the IT and line of business organizations.

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The Perfect Storm of Data, Cloud, and the Internet of Things: How to Navigate the Challenges and Capitalize on the Opportunity

Estimates of the economic value that the Internet of Things will generate range from $300 billion to $19 trillion. To take advantage of the IoT won’t be easy. Billions of connected devices that generate massive amounts data around the clock will demand new approaches, skills, tools, and architectures, and unprecedented speed and scalability.

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Building a Smarter Planet: Open Technologies as the Foundation for Business & IT Renaissance

Open cloud, software defined environments, big data & analytics will rival the impact of the internet & eBusiness on the world. Learn how open source & standards are driving an IT renaissance that will improve the speed of innovation, foster the empowerment of your business & improve the economics of IT.

Duration: 1 Hour