Security: Data Protection

Cloaking Assets With Identity-Level Firewalls

New technology lets you hide and verify network identity inside the packets themselves.

Case Study: Stopping Leaks of Program Code

Using pattern matching with information taxonomy tools to track sensitive information leaving the company

Human Error Tops List of Vulnerabilities

Only half of respondents in a new survey say their company has a written security policy. Furthermore, despite the increases in threats, many organizations have been slow to make the appropriate investments in time and budget to properly address them.

Case Study: Protecting Intellectual Property on the Go

Kettering Medical Center finds a solution to who sees the data, for how long, and how much data a user can view.


E-mail fraud and vulnerabilities, plus the impact of Microsoft's source code leak

Beyond Perimeter Defense: Securing Online Transactions

Encrypting, monitoring, and auditing access to actual data

Case Study: Watching Sensitive Database Information at Toro

Sarbanes-Oxley, the need to improve monitoring, and a desire to move administration and accountability closer to end users, drove Toro to invest in record-level enterprise application monitoring software from Prodigen.