Microsoft Security Essentials Free for Small Businesses

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) will be free for small businesses to use "beginning in early October," Microsoft announced

Microsoft Points to IE 9 Security Measures

Internet Explorer 9, released in beta form, doesn't talk to strangers

The Sad State of Vendor Patches

A controversial new report shows vendors are leaving enterprises seriously exposed.

Security is Bright Spot in IT Spending

Today's security market differs greatly from the market that was hammered almost a decade ago, following the implosion.

Best Practices for Watching the Watchers

Four questions that promote security and regulatory compliance in your enterprise

Firefox, PowerPoint, Other Apps at Risk from DLL Flaw

A vulnerability Microsoft has confirmed is being exploited, and the software giant says it can't fix the problem with a simple update.

Latest Spam and Phishing Trends Revealed in Symantec Report

Spam dominates e-mail; phishing attacks mimic support chat sessions.

Microsoft Updates Security Compliance Manager Tool

Microsoft on Friday issued an update of its Security Compliance Manager tool, which helps IT pros set security policies for some Microsoft software.

Intel to Acquire McAfee for $7.68 Billion

Blockbuster deal will let Intel provide hardware-based security.

GPUs: Secret Weapon of Password Crackers

Among the oft-cited weaknesses in using passwords for authentication are that people choose bad, easily guessed passwords, such as "123456" or "password"

Breachers Down but Not Out

Breaches could still be avoided, report notes.

Microsoft Issues New Windows Security Advisories

Microsoft issued even more details about Windows security concerns, even after releasing its August security update on Tuesday

Tallying the Cost of Cyber Crime

Organizations are typically targeted by more than one successful cyber criminal attack each week -- costing the average organization $3.8 million.

Zero-Day Windows Kernel Flaw Linked to Clipboard

As the largest patch in Microsoft's Patch Tuesday history looms, the plot thickens.

CIA, Google Invest in "Future" Web Algorithm

Search giant Google and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency are investing in a company working to track Web-browsing behavior

Security: Don't Believe the (SAS 70) Hype

Confusion about the efficacy of SAS 70 seems to be more the rule than the exception. A new report suggests that a SAS 70 reality check is long overdue.

Microsoft Revises Policy on Reporting Security Flaws

Microsoft has adopted a variant of its "responsible disclosure" policy for reporting security flaws in its software, the company announced

Coming Clean: Getting a Handle on Permissions and Group Memberships

Sorting through legacy permissions can seem daunting; these suggestions will help you manage the project.

Windows XP: Widely Used, Widely Attacked

Exploits using Windows XP as an attack vector will grow this year, according to security experts commenting on Microsoft's "Security Intelligence Report Volume 8"

Dell Technicians Find Malicious Code on Motherboards

Dell is warning many of its customers of potential malware embedded in a set of server motherboards.