Healthy Fear of the Cloud is Good, But Absolute Terror is Shortsighted

The public cloud is still the Wild, Wild West, but shunning the cloud until things become a bit more stable and predictable may not be the smart play.

Dramatic Price Increase for EA License Renewals

Costs can rise up to 43 percent in some cases.

Secunia Updates Vulnerability and Patch Management Solution

Secunia CSI 6.0 integrates vulnerability intelligence and scanning and patch creation to enable complete, reliable, cost-efficient patch management.

IBM Unveils Powerful New EC12 Mainframe

Big Blue has announced its biggest and brawniest Big Iron system to date. Thanks to a new analytics-based health assessment capability, it might be the smartest-ever mainframe, too.

SafeNet’s New ProtectV Provides Data Control, Visibility, and Governance for VMware and AWS Hosted VMs

ProtectV provides a data encryption solution for virtualized and cloud environments.

Kingston Releases New SSDNow E100 Enterprise SSD

Enterprise-class SSD drives offer 10x gains in endurance and reliability; helps organizations maximize database performance, safeguard data, reduce power costs.

Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard/Cloud Automates Health Check

New software detects downtime and data-loss risks; alerts for cross-vendor best practice violations.

VirtualSharp Releases Free Edition of ReliableDR

Provides production-ready replication functionality.

Q&A: Integrating SharePoint with Social Content

Social content is rich with information, but integrating it with other enterprise data can leave it isolated and unused. We explore how to wisely integrate the two.

Birth of a Tape Library Behemoth

EMC's DLm 8000 is its brawniest ever mainframe (virtual) tape library.

Unisys Combines Cloud Security, Management with Updated Secure Private Cloud Solution

Integration of Unisys Stealth cybersecurity software with Secure Private Cloud makes multi-tenancy more efficient and safer by compartmentalizing user communities in the cloud.

Q&A: Setting the Proper Security Rights (Case Study)

Getting just the right mix of security and user friendliness at Movado.

Overcoming Windows 7 and 8 Migration Challenges

Changes in the security model or discontinued libraries may prevent existing applications from running on newer versions of Windows. We explain how your organization can overcome these compatibility challenges.

Minimize Energy Costs by Following the Moon

Exploiting the lower costs of energy during the night can help your data center cut its energy costs.

Power Assure Unveils Onsite PAR4 Measurement Service

IT power metrics help enterprises maximize rack capacity.

ServiceMesh Releases Enterprise-Ready DevOps Solution

DevOps Accelerator enables large enterprises to capitalize on the business advantages of DevOps.

Updated Virsto for vSphere Optimizes VM Storage for Software-Defined Data Centers

Virsto for vSphere 1.5 provides VM-level storage management, seamless integration with VMware vCenter and View Manager.

Our Quest to Chat with HAL

The movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" was released in 1968. Well over 40 years later, we still have a lot of work to do on the space flight front, but natural language processing is almost there.

ClearPath: Unisys' Shining Star?

Strong demand for its ClearPath mainframe platform helped boost Unisys' profits in Q2.