Q&A: Akka 101

What makes Akka so valuable for building today’s distributed applications?

Improve New App Implementation Using Your Old Environment

By proactively managing new technology implementations and fully understanding the old IT environment, your organization can meet end-user expectations faster while managing the overall impact to your network.

Q&A: Addressing BYOD with Identity-Based Security

Bring-your-own-device approaches can be a nightmare for security administrators. Identity-based security can help eliminate risks posed by mobile hardware.

IAI: Big Data Analytics for Data Security

IAI is a new approach to the problem of identifying unauthorized user behavior that augments other types of security products and processes. Here's how it works.

Yahoo Confirms E-Mail User Names, Passwords Exposed

Hack reveals lack of basic security standards.

Updated Moab Cloud Suite Helps Enterprises Maximize Cloud Benefits

Creating sophisticated policies, optimizing cloud performance now easier.

Ensim Releases Enterprise Service Catalog Manager

Automates IT service delivery of physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Telerik's OpenAccess ORM Tool Now Free

Company extends free pricing to all database platforms.

CA Technologies Accelerates Time-to-Value for DB2 for z/OS Upgrades

Reduces costs and optimizes system resource utilization and IT staff in upgrades to new versions of DB2 for z/OS.

F5 Offers Free Vulnerability Assessments

Working with Cenzic and WhiteHat Security, F5 program helps enterprises reduce exposure to security breaches.

Robot/NETWORK Version 11 Adds IBM i Performance Monitoring

Displays performance statistics that let users know if thresholds have been exceeded.

DataCore Launches Large Scale, Automated Infrastructure-as-a-Service Enhancements

SANsymphony-V 9.0 introduces new storage virtualization features, licensing options.

Tape's Diamond Jubilee

In the 1990s, tape fell out of favor, but on the 60th anniversary of this technology, it's finding a reversal of fortune.

The CCO’s Dirty Little Secret

A look at the true cost of compliance failures and how to avoid being buried in trouble.

The New VDI-in-a-Box: Simple to Pilot, Seamless to Scale

The market has shown that desktop virtualization needed to be simplified. With the evolution of new VDI-in-a-Box solutions, it will be.

Q&A: The Evolution of Printing in a Mobile World

Think printing is just for creating hard-copy reports? Think again.

Windows 8, Server 2012 Due in October

RTM in August foretells Fall availability of two key Microsoft products.

Behind IBM's Bifurcated Hybrid Computing Strategy

For most organizations, choosing between Big Blue's two hybrid computing visions is simple, but what about shops that need both? That's where it gets tricky.

Q&A: What CIOs Must Understand about Public and Private Clouds and PaaS

What should a CIO consider when moving to Paas? What criteria should the CIO use, and what misconceptions about the cloud must be overcome?

Avatier Introduces Group Management Solution

Group Requester provides self-service request system for easier maintenance and control of groups and distribution lists.