Storage: Management

Getting the Real Data about Your Data

SRM is probably the most important investment that storage managers can make, but it’s riddled with problems.

Hosting E-Mail in a Storage Cluster

The need to build resilient low-cost infrastructure for hosting e-mail archives is growing fast.

Storage Standards, Part 3: Users Sound Off

Storage standards don’t top the list of customer needs.

Terabyte Drives Have Arrived

In less than 18 months, perpendicular recording has gone mainstream. It is one of those little-noted technology innovations, but one that is extraordinarily important.

A Closer Look: Network Appliance Clustering, Part 2

SANs are out, virtual grids (aka storage clusters) are in.

Network Appliance Clustering: What’s Going On under the Covers?

Feedback on our column about clustering inefficiency.

Storage Clusters and Beer: It’s All in the Hops

Is a software-only solution to storage manipulation on the horizon?

Next-Generation Storage: Low Cost Isn’t Enough

New vendors trumpet products with lower price tags, but if they lock you into a single source, what’s the point?

Access Density: The Cause of Our Storage Woes?

While top administrators are spending money for things they don’t understand, IT professionals fail to see the value in overpriced goods.

TapeLabs: More than Just VTL

VTS: three new (and important) letters in the storage world

When Standards Aren’t

Now you see it,now you don't. New products bear a startling resemblance to what you may already have.

On the Road Again: Multipathing and More

Products and technology uncovered in recent travels that piqued the interest of our storage commentator.

The New ECM Crowd: Little Guys with Big Ideas

Is enterprise content management the right tool for data management?

Acopia Networks Brings Threads Together

The mirror cracked ... thanks to suspicious information

Time For a SAN Report Card

The old song "Who's Sorry Now" is playing loud and clear in many IT shops.

Next-Generation Storage: Think Virtual

With improvement in storage virtualization products’ features and reliability will the technology choices get any easier?

What's The Future for Storage in Europe?

No, we're not in Kansas, anymore…..but where will European-based IT end up in the years to come?

The Devil Is In the Details

Is it true that the storage world is upside down in the southern hemisphere, too?

The Big Gulp Theory

Who does the second-guessing is not always who pays the piper.

Has Information Lifecycle Management Arrived?

Is enterprise content management the next new panacea?