SmartBear TestComplete 9.0 Improves Cross-Browser, HTML5 Testing

Simplifies test reuse across major Web browsers.

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SmartBear has released TestComplete 9.0, an update to its automated testing tool. TestComplete 9.0 introduces a new approach to cross-browser testing that simplifies test reuse across Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. Additionally, TestComplete now supports HTML5 testing.

“Web testing challenges multiply with the need to frequently test combinations of different browsers, browser versions, and operating systems, particularly with agile and continuous delivery approaches,” said Sergei Sokolov, director of product management at SmartBear. “With the new TestComplete release, we are delivering vastly simplified cross-browser testing with an intuitive test object model generalizing access to pages, Web objects, including HTML5, and browser-specific menus and dialogs.”

TestComplete 9.0 enables users to record tests in one browser and run them in other supported browsers. Using the built-in Network Suite for automating distributed testing with TestExecute, software testers can reduce time and effort to set up and run tests targeting multiple browsers on multiple physical or virtual test machines in their test lab.

TestComplete 9.0 now offers “out-of-the-box” support for Web forms and multimedia applications incorporating the emerging HTML5 standard, including audio, video, and canvas elements to draw graphics on the fly. Testers can record and/or script automated tests for HTML5 Web sites running in the latest versions of popular browsers.

TestComplete 9.0 helps testers with the latest support for UI technologies, adding new or updating built-in support for latest versions of jQuery, Google Web Toolkit, Adobe Flash, Flex SDK, and Silverlight 5. This makes testers working with rich Internet applications more productive, whether they use recording or scripting to create automated tests.

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