The Database Market

Whether it's e-commerce, customer relationship management, personalization, customization or content management, chances are there's a database somewhere in the middle.

The Power of Personalization

Web technologies get personalized to increase profits

Critical Response Teamwork

Suddenly, you're faced with yet another intrusion, attack, abuse, virus or worm. Who should you call? What will you do immediately and long-term? Will your company even know it's been violated?

You Can Always Get What You Want

You could make the argument that living in Florida, we're among the nation's most "holiday challenged." The thermometer rarely dips below 78, and fireplace flues are rusted shut by saltwater-laden air. You could go broke trying to sell tire chains, snowboards or mittens here.

Insuring Access to Legacy Data

As you probably know, it's not a trivial task to use the Web to extend host system access to your employees. Furthermore, another challenge awaits in getting the same system out past the firewall to business partners. But suppose you also had to reach each and every employee within your partners' organizations?

Web Harmony

If you listened to President Bush's address to Congress and the nation on Sept. 20, in which he first outlined the U.S.'s plan for reacting to the Sept. 11 attacks, you heard him mention <a href="" target="_">></a>. Did you wonder to yourself who was behind an obviously sudden Web site that would shortly receive millions of hits and would have to immediately collect and make sense of huge amounts of data?

The BI Justification Forest

Justifications for business intelligence projects are as varied as business strategies and vendor product claims. Many are good, others not.

Handing Off Security

Internet security is not just a network problem.

Tune Up Your Web Site for Usability

It used to be build, build, build, now it's fix, fix, fix

Sun ONE: In the Framework of Java and Web Services

Still in its infancy, Sun ONE is Sun’s product strategy for building Web services using the Java platform. Of course, the big difference between the Java framework and the .NET framework is...

Enterprise Security: Locking Down Web Services

What will be the security challenges of the new Web services model? Your company will be most vulnerable where your Web services meet with the outside world's.

IBM Previews Larger Intel-Based Servers

IBM Corp. used Comdex to share its plans with customers for the greater-than-eight-processor Intel architecture servers it will release next year

UDDI Registry Beta 2 Goes Online

The second beta of the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration registry went online today. The registry will offer an automated way to find and use available Web services.

SAP Gets a Hit of Java

Announcing a transition to open standards, SAP AG said yesterday its new MySAP products will support the J2EE Java specification. The company sees this as a step toward full support for Web Services and interoperability.

Microsoft Makes the Cut With Data Analyzer

Enterprises have spent time and money to manage information assets on the back end, but the front-end – the side information workers see – sometimes goes neglected. To help enterprises quickly ramp up front-ends, last week, Microsoft Corp. introduced Data Analyzer.

Continental Soars with NAS

In moving from direct-attached to network-attached storage, Continental Airlines has found high availability, a flexible storage infrastructure and backup times that have been reduced from days to hours.

Locking Down Web Services

As you've probably gathered from the plethora of hype and hope freely available from the vendor of your choice, Web services are the next distributed computing paradigm. [

Profiles in IT: One Percent of the World's Data

We're trying to preserve vast amounts of digital data reliably for 100 years—but the storage media themselves haven't been proven to last that long.

Profiles in IT: Guiding a U.K. S&L to Windows

Meeting the challenges of moving a major U.K. company to Windows 2000 and Active Directory is easier than defusing bombs, but perhaps just as challenging.

Profiles in IT: Melding Business with IT

Becoming a top-notch CIO: Start in the trenches of IT, spend some time learning on the business side and then meld