Linux/Open Source

Sun Unveils Updated OS, New Services, Aggressive Chip Strategy

These days, Sun has a pronounced bounce in its step—enough to give many Solaris administrators that old late-1990’s feeling again

Sun Outlines Open-Source Plans

A new software license gives OpenSolaris a good foundation—even if Sun hasn’t worked out all the legalities of porting CDDL code to Linux

CICS: The Old Workhorse Keeps on Kicking

Big Blue’s durable workhorse still has plenty of kick left in it. And customers, for that matter, are increasingly willing to deploy it in support of new workloads

Big Year Ahead for Big Iron

Existing Big Iron shops should continue to add capacity at a healthy clip, and more and more OS/390 laggards will finally make the move to z/OS

Desktop Linux Poised for Breakthrough

Novell sees a sizeable upside to Linux on the desktop—and hints that the sun might soon set on Microsoft’s Windows empire

Evaluating the Success of the Novell/SuSE Merger

Has Novell’s acquisition of SuSE been a success? Twelve months later, the jury is still out.

IBM Pushes Power as an x86 Alternative

It might sound like a long shot, but a recent price/performance showdown between IBM’s Power system and an x86 server suggests otherwise

BMC Bets on a Big-Iron Future

BMC doesn’t think the reemergence of Big Iron is a fluke—and it’s putting its money where its mouth is

SCO: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

The embattled company plans a pro-SCO Web site to counter the success of

Linux Struts Its Stuff as a Database Platform

Linux-powered databases post strong showings in price and performance benchmarks

Sun Issues Mixed Message on Linux

Sun may be on a comeback, but its inability to articulate a Linux vision that’s all things to all people could continue to dog it

Partners Hinting IIDEA Will Spread to Large Enterprises

IBM’s new pre-packaged BI bundle is packaged for the small and mid-sized enterprise market—but there are hints that the large enterprise won't be far behind

Case Study: zLinux Cuts Costs at Controller's Office

The state of Idaho has tapped a zLinux solution to achieve immediate ROI of nearly half-a-million dollars annually

CA, IBM Moving Databases Open Source

Computer Associates positions open source Ingres as a natural for Big Iron Linux; IBM's Cloudscape will become Apache's Derby

Linux World Recap

Novell, Red Hat, Sun make waves

Meet the Other Linux Mainframe: Unisys' ES7000

Freshly certified for Linux, Unisys’ ES7000 supports mainframe-like features such as dynamic partitioning

Court Rules Against SCO in DaimlerChrysler Suit

SCO’s day in court almost couldn’t have gone much worse; company says it's only a minor setback

SCO: Don’t Call It a Fishing Expedition

Company makes another bid for IBM’s AIX and Dynix source code

Q&A: Kicking the Tires of Mainframe Linux

The allure of Linux is strong, but unless ISVs rein in their software prices, Linux's growth on the mainframe could be limited

Mono Project Brings Microsoft’s Insular .NET Technologies to Open Systems

Thanks to Mono 1.0, .NET is for Linux, Unix, and even MacOS