Linux/Open Source

The Mainframe Capacity Conundrum: Getting Better All the Time

What’s not to like about z/Linux and other cheap mainframe workloads?

Courtroom Showdown: SCO Denied

Tardy SCO denied in bid to depose industry heavyweights Intel and Oracle

Training: Commitment to IT Pros Still Low

Even companies that have embraced next-generation mainframe workloads often give short shrift to the question of training. What gives?

IBM BladeCenter Changes Chip and Chassis

What do the PlayStation 3 and IBM’s next-generation blade system have in common? A single Cell, you might say.

State of the Mainframe, Part II: The Capacity Conundrum

Some mainframe pros say that next-generation workloads (such as zLinux and J2EE) point the way to false destinies

State of the Mainframe (First in a Three-Part Series)

In spite of their differences, mainframers seem to agree on a few important points, although even these may surprise you.

zSeries: Big Plans Ahead?

What can we expect from IBM’s zSeries team in 2006? If history is any indication, it could be an eventful year.

Big Iron Pessimism Persists

With so many major events last year in the mainframe arena, why are so many Big Iron pros still pessimistic about the future?

Management's IT Experience Increases Company Performance, Study Shows

A new study makes a strong case for placing executives with IT experience at senior levels: a solid increase in a firm's economic performance.

Is SQL Server 2005 an Irresistible Proposition?

For perhaps the first time ever, SQL Server boosters are talking about taking on the other guys’ databases—and winning

Careers: Big Iron Pros Sticking Around

Mainframe brain drain doesn't worry many old mainframe hands, who don’t see themselves going anywhere anytime soon

Mainframe Sales Slump Trigger Workforce Cuts

Last week, CA joined BMC and even IBM itself in announcing cuts to its mainframe workforce

Eclipse: One IDE to Rule Them All

Some enthusiasts tout Eclipse as an Rx for programming anarchy

IBM's New xSeries System Improves Performance, Validates Chipset Choice

IBM’s flagship xSeries server demonstrates how far Intel servers still have to go to reach feature and function parity

IBM and Red Hat Partner for Big Iron Linux

Officials imply that the IFL bundle will be discounted—although no terms have been disclosed

Case Study: A More Resilient Application Infrastructure

Company taps on-demand delivery model to enhance retail management application

Windows Gains Ground on Linux

Microsoft has had some success in improving the image of its Windows Server 2003 operating system vis-à-vis Linux

Q&A: Big Iron’s Big Resurgence No Accident

A senior IBMer notes how the company has made the mainframe a more affordable proposition for traditional and non-traditional customers alike

Workloads Return Home to the Mainframe

Workloads are coming back to the mainframe, as BI powerhouse Informatica demonstrated last month

Sun Unveils Updated OS, New Services, Aggressive Chip Strategy

These days, Sun has a pronounced bounce in its step—enough to give many Solaris administrators that old late-1990’s feeling again