Q&A: Getting Virtualization Right

How can IT determine what should be virtualized, then know when the right mix has been achieved?

Q&A: Predictive Fault Management

IT no longer has the luxury of reacting to problems; data centers must now anticipate problems to correct them before they interrupt critical business applications.

Q&A: Going Green Case Study

Green savings can be substantial. The trick, as one firm found, is to have all employees on board.

Q&A: How BeyondTrust Addresses Windows Security

How should IT pros control user access in a Microsoft environment?

Q&A: Maximizing Network Performance

Network management is more than just knowing if devices are operating properly.

Q&A: The Optimized Data Services Model

If you need to provision, protect, migrate, dedupe, encrypt, replicate, recover, and archive data sources, ODS may be just what you’re looking for.

Q&A: Best Practices for Access Management

We look at the purpose and best use of groups and roles.

Q&A: Best Practices for a Greener Data Center

What technologies and best practices can make a data center greener?

Q&A: Protecting Growing Data Volumes

Data protection challenges grow as data volumes grow. We examine the best practices IT can follow to maximize data protection.

Meeting the Challenges of IT Asset Management

Tracking IT assets has become more complex as the nature of these assets has rapidly changes. Given these changes, how should IT manage its assets?

Q&A: SOA Challenges for SMBs

SOA often sneaks into an environment as part of a packaged solution within SMBs.

Q&A: Effective Workload Management

How can an enterprise continue to meet its business goals while running applications on fewer servers?

Q&A: IT Automation: Trends and Tips

Why is IT the last department to have automated tools?

Q&A: The Future of SaaS

We look at where software-as-a-service is heading.

Q&A: Managing a Heterogeneous Environment of Virtualized and Physical Desktops

What's behind the move to mixing physical and virtualized desktops in an enterprise?

Q&A: Dynamic Capacity Planning in a Virtual World

We explore the challenges of capacity planning and how IT can best balance performance and risk in virtualized environments.

Q&A: Moving to Proactive Network Management

Networks are vital to your organization. We offer suggestions for moving from reactive to proactive network management.

Q&A: Automating Your Application Infrastructure

A new survey reveals how IT is trying to automate the application infrastructure.

Q&A: Security for Virtual Environments

Virtualization brings a new set of security challenges.

Q&A: Virtualization and Rigorous Testing

We examine how virtualization can benefit developers, the drawbacks of the technology when it comes to testing, and best practices developers can use to exploit the capabilities of virtualization.