Security: Access

Mitigating the Security Risks of Unified Communications

How to protect yourself from the threats posed by unified communications.

Security Software: How Suite It Is

Customers want integrated -- and highly manageable -- security tools. A smorgasbord of best-of-breed tools just can't get it done anymore

Solving Mainframe Entitlement Problems

Strong, effective IT security can be compromised by orphaned accounts and entitlements. We offer strategies to manage these expired accounts and entitlements.

DNS Flaw Ignites Controversy

A security researcher's speculation about a DNS flaw ignites another firestorm for full and responsible disclosure

DNS Flaws Need Patching

Thanks to this month's DNS vulnerabilities, a lot of patching will be taking the time of DNS administrators. In fact, it might even seem like 2002 all over again.

Survey Says Insider Theft Tops CIO's Worry List

Why the threat of theft-from-within is keeping enterprise CIOs up at night

Federal Agencies Lag in Security Preparedness

When it comes to ensuring compliance with information security rules or best practices, a substantial minority of federal agencies still aren’t making the cut

Security's Future: Letting the Good Guys In

It may not be long before businesses differentiate themselves on the basis of security

Security: Batten Down the (IM) Hatches

IM attacks are on the rise, in part because organizations are deploying unified communications platforms without first hardening them against attacks

Oracle, Apple Issue Security Fixes

Microsoft isn't the only vendor issuing security "<em>mea culpa</em>"s lately. Oracle and Apple got into the action last week, too.

Report Urges IT: It’s Time to Guard against the "Millennial" Threat

New IT consumers are more comfortable with, and knowledgeable about, technology, and that’s a problem

Web 2.0 Pushes Need for Defensive Application Development

The Web 2.0 paradigm shift is fraught with both promise and danger

Laptop Security: Hackers Attack Encrypted Data on Chips

Sleeping laptops may be the next way hackers steal encrypted information

Hackers Using Time-Tested Methods, Not Fancy Technology

ID theft usually involves time-tested methods such as telephone fraud than blockbuster data breaches

Rogue Trader Highlights Need to Mind Your Controls

In an age of Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulatory measures, how could a single rogue trader have racked up more than $7 billion in losses?

Enterprise Security: The Human Factor

Why organizations need to get serious about security awareness training

Security in Review: Yesterday and Tomorrow

Will it be "same old, same old" in security for 2008?

Preventing NAC Attacks

Industry standards and trusted hardware keep out unauthorized users and equipment

CA Upgrades Security for z/OS

New versions more about people than features.

Database Auditing Gets Serious

Why database-auditing software is critical to protecting your company’s assets