Security: Access

Spend Less, Secure More

Companies that better target their security spending actually spend less and have more effective security programs

In Brief

Symantec Antivirus Vulnerability; New Identity Management Acquisitions; NIST Releases HIPAA Security Guide

Q&A: Endpoint Security for Unknown Devices

How can IT managers secure endpoints over which they have no control?

Unraveling Common VPN Flaws

Chances are your VPN is vulnerable

Scale is Everything for Pentagon’s Digital Security

The Department of Defense adopts new certification verification processes

Putting Next-Generation Smart Cards to Work

Two trends are driving the growth of digital signatures for sign-off and revisions of digital documents

Untangling Endpoint Security Initiatives

Two Endpoint security initiatives are underway—one from Cisco, the other from Microsoft. We take a closer look at these plus the evolution of endpoint security.

Top Ten Security Trends for 2005

What's in store for information security

In Brief

Microsoft, Solaris vulnerabilities; top spyware threats; IPS use rising

Case Study: Securing Network Bandwidth

A packet-shaping tool can help handle worm outbreaks.

In Brief

Database and Imsecure vulnerabilities, search software flaw enables sophisticated phishing attack

Q&A: Can Wireless Networks Be Secured?

Denial is not a legitimate wireless strategy

In Brief

Human error and security; AOL's two-factor authentication; September viruses

Endpoint Security Grows But Interoperability Questions Remain

Increasingly, PCs must prove they're secure before a user can log onto the network

Smart Cards Gear Up For Biometrics

Smart cards, currently a favorite of governments and large corporations, are getting more powerful, incorporating Java and USB technologies.

Yankee Group Says Security Outsourcing Set to Explode

Managed security service providers to dominate security market by 2010

Digital Certificates Get Pentagon, Regulatory Boost

Once they seemed doomed, but public key infrastructure is taking off, driven by e-commerce servers, Pentagon requirements, and government regulations.

Five Steps to Enforcing Your Endpoint Security

Your security policy has to have teeth. Here's how to enforce your endpoint security policy.

SCO Identity Manager Supports Single Sign-on Across Environments

A new Microsoft initiative eases management headaches by building management features into products that can be accessed by a variety of enterprise management tools. SCO's Vintela Authorization may give us a glimpse into how Microsoft networks can finally play nice with other operating systems.

Host Intrusion Prevention: A New Approach to Keeping Systems Safe

Host-based intrusion prevention runs as a software agent on a user's system, looking for unauthorized actions