Security: Access

The Fall and Rise of Network Access Control

There’s lots of buzz about NAC, but what is it exactly, and why does IT already need a new approach to the technology?

Why PowerTech Group Wants to Update Your AS/400 Security Model

If you have an AS/400 or iSeries, PowerTech Group wants you to update your security model—and a recent study suggests you should pay close attention

Securent Middleware Moves Authorization Out of Individual Apps

Network access control—or entitlement control, as Securent calls it—is all about authentication, access, and authorization.

Moving Security to the Mainframe

Vanguard wants the mainframe to be the center of security

Novell Security Updates Focus on Flexibility, Integration

Versions offers more management, more integration, and more compliance

Network Admission Control: Balancing Security and the User Experience

Two strategies and a dozen tips help you improve your user’s NAC

Why It’s Time for Network Access Control

Security and compliance policies are only successful if they are enforced. That’s where network access control comes in.

NAC, Vista, and Your Security Strategy

We sort out the options with the most buzz for 2007—NAC, Vista, and NAP—for enforcing security with devices requesting network resources.

Study Reveals What’s Driving Network Access Control

A majority of survey respondents looking to implement an NAC solution want to reduce malware incidents, control remote access to the network, and enforce endpoint configurations.

Security: A Look Back and the Year Ahead

From smarter criminals to network access protection, IT is going to have its hands full in 2007.

CA Makes Federated Access Management Easier

Significant changes in CA products are worth a look

NAC: Remediation and Integration

Options for notification and remediation, as well as NAC integration techniques and technologies.

Management Software Offers Slew of Security Perks

Protecting mission-critical data means looking at port and USB vulnerabilities.

Securing Visitors with Guest-Access Controls

A defense contractor turns to admission controls to meet government requirements to secure national security information.

Filtering Technology Looks Beyond Content

Companies are increasingly deploying filtering technology to address a number of information security threats, ranging from in-bound spyware to unapproved use of VoIP.

Case Study: SUNY-Buffalo Health Science Schools Aim for Network-Admission Controls

The challenge: securing an infrastructure you don’t control

Beyond Logs: Security Event Management Market Heads For Shakeout (Part 2 of 2)

Experts predict imminent SEM market consolidation. The upside: lower software costs, easier usability, and improved efficiency. Even so, users will be faced with a dizzying array of options.

Beyond Logs: Creating a Log-Management Program (Part 1 of 2)

Regulations are driving companies to audit their security logs. To help collect and analyze all that data, companies can turn to free syslog software and off-the-shelf security event management software. Which approach is right for you?

CA Updates Mainframe Security Tools

Changes target regulatory compliance, auditing, and access controls

Best Practices for Effective URL Filtering and Monitoring

Employee abuse of an organization’s Internet access -- from running outcall services to illicitly selling a company’s products on eBay -- illustrate URL filtering and monitoring issues. Enterprises cite inappropriate content, productivity concerns, and lost bandwidth as reasons to monitor their employees’ Web use.