Security: Data Protection

When SSL Just Isn't Enough

Recent FTP thefts affecting even SSL-encrypted logins are the work of a new Trojan called Zeus; 90,000 logins may have been compromised.

Best Practices for Data Governance in SharePoint Environments

As awareness of SharePoint access control complexity grows, organizations are are focusing on security and compliance for their SharePoint deployments. We offer best practices to address these concerns.

Business Executives Don't Tie Disaster Recovery Efforts to Business Success, Study Reveals

There's a significant disconnect between IT and business executives when it comes to disaster recovery preparedness.

Q&A: Internet Threats and Web Filters in the Cloud

Threats delivered through the Web are increasing in number and severity. A Web filtering solution can reduce an enterprise’s vulnerability.

Enterprises Throw Out Wi-Fi Welcome Mat to Attackers, Study Finds

A recent report by AirTight Networks finds financial services firms are all but throwing out a welcome mat to wireless attacker

A Tempest in a Twitter

Unless you employ appropriate safeguards, a minor Twitter problem could easily turn into a tempest.

Secure File Transfers: P2P Alternatives

P2P file sharing is on the rise, and so are its risks. We show you five tips that can help you select a secure enterprise file-transfer solution.

Securing a Network’s Print Data Stream with TLS/SSL Encryption

Awareness that a thorough security policy should include measures for secure network printing is rising slowly but surely.

Why Web Attacks Are Rising

A new report shines light on Web-based attacks, concluding that -- in terms of both volume and variety -- they pose a significant, and significantly expanding, threat.

Q&A: Preventing Data Loss

A closer look at the components and best practices for success with your data loss prevention project.

Spammers Exploiting the Recession

Spammers are tweaking their messaging to better exploit recession-related fear, uncertainty, and doubt

Q&A: Security Breaches and Enterprise Culture

How an enterprise’s culture affects its IT security

New Study Highlights Data Losses from Employee Turnover

When an employee leaves a company, more than just a body walks out the door. What may be shocking is how frequently data thefts occur and how employees justify their behavior.

Removing Admin Rights Dramatically Cuts Vulnerabilities, Study Finds

One of the biggest threats facing your organization is already installed on your desktops: admin rights for end users

Minding the Gap: Security Vendors Look to Plug Holes in Suite Offerings

Security vendors are stepping up their efforts to close the gap between security and operations

Q&A: Protecting Growing Data Volumes

Data protection challenges grow as data volumes grow. We examine the best practices IT can follow to maximize data protection.

A New Standard for Securing Optical Storage

How a new spec targets data protection on PCs, servers, mobile devices, and hard disk storage devices.

Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Windows Live OneCare

Microsoft's decision to exit the consumer security space reflects a fundamental shift in the market.

The Year in Security and the Fresh Problems Ahead

All things considered, 2008 was a quiet but industrious year on the security front.

Survey Highlights Threats from Disgruntled Employees

Employees who believe they may be fired may steal proprietary information to blackmail management