Security Management

Latest Spam and Phishing Trends Revealed in Symantec Report

Spam dominates e-mail; phishing attacks mimic support chat sessions.

Breachers Down but Not Out

Breaches could still be avoided, report notes.

Tallying the Cost of Cyber Crime

Organizations are typically targeted by more than one successful cyber criminal attack each week -- costing the average organization $3.8 million.

Security: Don't Believe the (SAS 70) Hype

Confusion about the efficacy of SAS 70 seems to be more the rule than the exception. A new report suggests that a SAS 70 reality check is long overdue.

Coming Clean: Getting a Handle on Permissions and Group Memberships

Sorting through legacy permissions can seem daunting; these suggestions will help you manage the project.

Securing Multi-Tenancy and Cloud Computing

How to ensure security is part of the cloud adoption strategy.

Q&A: The State of IT Security

Recommendations for making data safer that won’t decimate your IT budget.

Q&A: The Shift in Data Breaches

Breaches are targeting application because that's where the data is.

Getting the Most from Active Directory in the Enterprise

How IT can address the challenges of Active Directory

Study Targets Windows "Hooking" in Antivirus Software

Microsoft has confirmed that it has been working with a security firm investigating a fundamental flaw in antivirus (AV) software for Windows.

Security Blindsided by Virtualization

When it comes to securing the increasingly virtualized systems of the 21st century, IT seems to be stuck in 20th-century mode.

Top 10 IAM Challenges for Heterogeneous Enterprises -- Part 2 of 2

We examine the remaining five challenges and how Active Directory provides a solution.

Top 10 IAM Challenges for Heterogeneous Enterprises -- Part 1 of 2

As more users need multiple identities to access the applications they need regularly, IT has its hands full maintaining security.

Symantec Report Shows Cyber-Crime is Booming Business

Cyber-attacking is no longer just a mischievous, if destructive, pastime: it's a business. A Symantec report confirms that business is booming.

Network Device Vulnerabilities High, Study Shows

More than a third of network devices examined showed signs of security vulnerabilities

Windows Kernel Patch Sidesteps Rootkit Infections

April patch includes a mechanism that avoids installing a Windows kernel fix in the presence of troublesome malware

Privileged Access in the Virtualized Data Center: How to Reduce Security Risks and Ensure Business Resiliency

No single solution can prevent all security risks in a virtualized data center, but automation can help.

Virus Activity Drop: Calm Before a Stormy Summer?

What accounts for the near-disappearance of virus activity last month? One explanation: even spammers need to invest time in research and development.

Removing the Risks of SSL -- Part 2 of 2

To address the security risks of SSL, we look at how transparent SSL proxies work and how they are used in enterprises today.

Removing the Risks of SSL -- Part 1 of 2

Despite its name, Secure Sockets Layer isn't totally secure. We explain the risks that arise from increased use of SSL within enterprise networks.