Security Management

Top Tips for Picking a Managed Security Services Provider

Choosing a security services provider can be tricky. We explain the key decisions and considerations you must make.

Survey Sheds Light on Use, Maintenance of Network Access Control

A new survey shows that enterprise networking groups -- not IT security pros -- are usually responsible for day-to-day NAC administration.

Q&A: Taming Data Breaches

Why IT must adopt an information-centric view of security.

Q&A: Securing Mobile Devices

How to handle the special security risks posed by portable devices

Vulnerability Management: Assess, Prioritize, Remediate, Repeat

Results of AberdeenGroup research shed light on best practices in vulnerability management

Disgruntled Employees Pose Large Inside Threat

A new survey finds that nearly 9 out of 10 IT employees say they'd steal privileged or confidential information if they knew they were going to be laid-off tomorrow.

Mitigating the Security Risks of Unified Communications

How to protect yourself from the threats posed by unified communications.

Network Security: How Employees and IT Can Keep Laptops Safe

Your employees may take the corporate laptop on summer holiday and bring back security risks to your network

Security Software: How Suite It Is

Customers want integrated -- and highly manageable -- security tools. A smorgasbord of best-of-breed tools just can't get it done anymore

Solving Mainframe Entitlement Problems

Strong, effective IT security can be compromised by orphaned accounts and entitlements. We offer strategies to manage these expired accounts and entitlements.

SQL Injection Attacks on the Rise

SQL injection vulnerabilities are easy -- and cheap -- to test for, regardless of whether you're a good guy or a malicious hacker

XSS Evasion: Hiding in Plain Sight

Is there a holistic solution for ensuring the secure, fast, and reliable delivery of applications?

DNS Flaw Ignites Controversy

A security researcher's speculation about a DNS flaw ignites another firestorm for full and responsible disclosure

DNS Flaws Need Patching

Thanks to this month's DNS vulnerabilities, a lot of patching will be taking the time of DNS administrators. In fact, it might even seem like 2002 all over again.

Compliance, New Threats Drive Security Spending

Enterprise security is an expensive proposition – one that's likely to get even more expensive as organizations take steps to protect themselves.

Firefox's Auto-Update is Model for Safer Browsing, Report Concludes

As attackers increasingly target browser flaws, the Firefox update scheme serves as a model for the industry

8 Best Practices for Encryption Key Management and Data Security

From centralization to support for standards, these encryption key management and data security best practices can help you protect your organization’s confidential data and comply with regulatory mandates.

Attacks Target Firefox 3.0 Web Browser

Firefox 3.0 release highlights the perils of information technology celebrity

MX Logic Introduces Security Crystal Ball

A security researcher announces a new Threat Forecast service that aims to keep security chiefs at least one step ahead of the bad guys

Three Steps to Web Application Safety

With more than 100 million Web applications deployed in the world, perhaps fewer than 5 percent of are being tested for security vulnerabilities. We offer three simple steps to help you secure your Web applications.