Security Management

Business Executives Don't Tie Disaster Recovery Efforts to Business Success, Study Reveals

There's a significant disconnect between IT and business executives when it comes to disaster recovery preparedness.

Q&A: Administrator Rights and Enhanced Security

Administrator rights let users do everything on a system, but these rights are also the target of malware and other vulnerabilities.

Q&A: Internet Threats and Web Filters in the Cloud

Threats delivered through the Web are increasing in number and severity. A Web filtering solution can reduce an enterprise’s vulnerability.

The Mainframe Security Paradox

Mainframe operators know which controls to implement, but auditors -- who frequently come from the distributed side of the divide -- don’t.

Overcoming Security Objections to a Virtual Infrastructure

Proper planning that includes addressing security will help you reap the benefits of virtualization and satisfy those who ensure business continuity and protect corporate data.

Enterprises Throw Out Wi-Fi Welcome Mat to Attackers, Study Finds

A recent report by AirTight Networks finds financial services firms are all but throwing out a welcome mat to wireless attacker

New Threats Unite Security and Systems Management Professionals

To effectively address new security challenges, IT organizations need to tighten coordination and integration between security.

A Tempest in a Twitter

Unless you employ appropriate safeguards, a minor Twitter problem could easily turn into a tempest.

Securing a Network’s Print Data Stream with TLS/SSL Encryption

Awareness that a thorough security policy should include measures for secure network printing is rising slowly but surely.

Phishing Attacks Surge

Phishing activity increased by almost 40 percent in a 12 month period.

Why Web Attacks Are Rising

A new report shines light on Web-based attacks, concluding that -- in terms of both volume and variety -- they pose a significant, and significantly expanding, threat.

Survey Shows Disconnect Between Configuration Management Goals, Best Practices

Majority of IT operations use semi-automatic or manual processes to manage configuration settings

Spammers Exploiting the Recession

Spammers are tweaking their messaging to better exploit recession-related fear, uncertainty, and doubt

Q&A: Security Breaches and Enterprise Culture

How an enterprise’s culture affects its IT security

ID Thefts, Damage on the Rise

ID fraud spiked last year by almost a quarter, yet the total amount bilked by ID thieves rose only slightly.

Beyond AV Protection with Web Filtering

If you’re looking to breathe extra life into your fleet of PCs and to keep your network as secure as possible, make sure you’re using a secure Web filter.

Fostering a Culture of Compliance: Six Steps to E-Mail Security

To successfully address weaknesses in current e-mail security, IT departments can take six proactive steps now to help their enterprises meet compliance regulations and prevent e-mail misuse.

Removing Admin Rights Dramatically Cuts Vulnerabilities, Study Finds

One of the biggest threats facing your organization is already installed on your desktops: admin rights for end users

Q&A: Best Practices for Access Management

We look at the purpose and best use of groups and roles.

Standing Firm on Security Spending

Why now is not the time to cut security budgets.